Spectra TFinity ExaScale Capacity

The Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library is the world’s largest capacity storage system. With more terabytes per square foot than other libraries, the TFinity ExaScale scales to more than 2.5 exabytes of compressed capacity, exceeding all other tape libraries on the market.

The patented TeraPack design provides industry-leading capacity for three types of media in the TFinity ExaScale—LTO, IBM® TS11XX and Oracle® T10000x Tape Technologies. The unique tape handling technology results in the smallest floor space requirements of any enterprise libraries. TFinity’s compact footprint maximizes the amount of data stored per square foot of expensive data center and real estate.
Tfinity Enterprise Libraries Capacity

From 3 to 45 frames, the TFinity ExaScale can be configured for every organization. The rack-row design of the tape library easily fits data center layouts which maximizes air handling and heat dissipation. It also offers ease of access, serviceability and library management without requiring special constructions, clearance or floor space requirements.

Maximum Scalability
With over 56,400 LTO tape cartridge slots or 40,365 IBM TS1160/Oracle T10000x slots in a single library, TFinity ExaScale delivers the capacity required by any organization. With Spectra’s industry-first ability to store up to three types of media in a single library, each organization can configure their library as they see fit.

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