Spectra Certified Media​

Spectra Certified Media is Vastly Superior

Our commitment to you is making tape pain-free through Spectra Certified Media. From manufacturer selection to packaging and customer shipment, every step of the Spectra Certified Media manufacturing process is designed to ensure you have the most reliable and automated tape storage available. No other supplier places as much emphasis on continual enhancements and features that simplify all aspects of the media management process.

Only use the best media.
Media quality is at the core of efficient, pain-free tape storage. All tape is not the same. Only the highest quality media available on the market becomes Spectra Certified Media. This ensures you have the most reliable and worry-free data protection possible.

Run at Peak Performance.
Spectra offers certified media with CarbideClean® for both LTO and TS11XX media, ensuring that your media is debris-free to allow your system to run at peak performance. CarbideClean is a unique Spectra enhancement that extends the life of your tape drives and enhances the performance and capacity of your tapes.

Track Spectra tapes throughout their life

With Spectra Certified Media, you’ll never get caught by surprise again. Only with Spectra tape libraries, Certified Media combined with Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) reduces the most common media- related failures. MLM allows you to proactively manage your tape inventory through simple monitoring of over 40 health statistics and automatically identifies at-risk tapes ready for retirement.Certified Media assures data integrity using an integrated, intelligent and comprehensive set of Data Integrity Verification (DIV) tools when integrated with Spectra tape libraries. PreScan verifies your tapes are safe prior to usage and QuickScan and FullScan verify your data has been properly written to tape.


Spectra Certified Media arrives on your doorstep; each tape unwrapped with pre-applied barcode labels and bundled in TeraPack containers ready for bulk-loading into your Spectra Tape Series library. When it’s time to export them from the library, the TeraPacks can be covered and protected for storage onsite or offsite.

With Spectra Certified Media you order it any way you want it. A myriad of choices allow you to specify the exact number of tapes you require with no minimum order, custom or predefined unique barcode sequences, TeraPacks with or without dust covers or no TeraPack at all. The choice is yours.

LTO-9 Initialization for Media

With the release of the LTO-9 tape drive, a new one-time initialization process is required to optimize each new cartridge before it is used for writing data. Media optimization is performed on any LTO-9 tape drive and the cartridge can then be used in any LTO-9 drive without further optimization. With the increased density, next generation LTO-9 includes an increased number of tracks, which requires greater precision to optimize data placement. The media optimization process takes place automatically on the first load of a new LTO-9 cartridge in an LTO-9 tape drive during the initialization process. When using Spectra Certified Media, tapes are initialized before shipping (see below). Once initialized, the LTO-9 media is ready to use and does not need further initialization.

LTO-9 Certified Media

Although the initialization of LTO-9 media occurs only once, it can be quite time consuming. The process typically takes between 40 and 60 minutes, but can take up to 2 hours. To enable customers to immediately use their LTO-9 cartridges, Spectra Logic provides LTO-9 Certified Media, which is pre-initialized during the certification process. When users receive Spectra Certified Media, no initialization of the new cartridge is necessary. The optimization process is performed in the most optimal range of temperature and humidity in the Spectra Logic manufacturing facility which ensures that they are optimized as precisely as possible and therefore able to be used in any environment within the operational specification for LTO-9 drives and media.

Spectra LTO-9 Certified Media can save hundreds or even thousands of hours of drive usage for customers. With Spectra LTO-9 Certified Media, customers can begin reading and writing data immediately instead of initializing new cartridges. It also means that the host software that is used with the tape library will not experience any delays or timeouts due to the extended initialization time needed on new LTO-9 tapes if they are purchased from Spectra Logic. Spectra Logic LTO-9 Certified Media also comes with all of the other benefits provided by the certification process including cleaning every tape, verify the read/write performance and capacity of every tape, enabling full Media Lifecycle Management functionality, and providing a lifetime warranty on every certified tape sold.

LTO-9 Enhanced with Spectra Certified Media

The introduction of LTO-9 drives and media with its improved performance and capacity over LTO-8 is a solid and substantial advancement in storage technology. Spectra enhances its tape media by including Spectra’s Media Lifecycle Management (MLM), Data Integrity Verification (DIV), and CarbideClean® features that produce Spectra Certified Media with a Spectra-backed lifetime guarantee. LTO-9 drives are backward-compatible with LTO-8 media, allowing for full read/write capability.