Spectra TFinity ExaScale



Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library is the world’s largest single storage system and the world’s largest storage complex, offering unsurpassed storage density and the smallest footprint. The library’s highly efficient three-dimensional tape storage design delivers a 50 percent reduction in data center floor space through a highly efficient three-dimensional tape storage design utilizing roving TeraPacks in place of individual tape cartridges.

Designed to address the needs of organizations with exponential data growth, such as media and entertainment, high performance computing and traditional IT, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale provides customers with performance, reliability and flexibility at a lower price point.

Spectra TFinity ExaScale

Spectra® TFinity Front

Spectra® TFinity Back

Snapshot of TFinity ExaScale Features

Spectra’s TFinity ExaScale Tape Library offers a sophisticated suite of features to help you manage your data and optimize workflows.
High Performance TransporterA) faster move performance B) multi-media capability C) enhanced reliability
New TeraporterNext-generation robotic vertical arm boosts performance and reliability
Custom PanelsCustomer tailored covers for front panels of TFinity libraries
Tri-MediaSupport for LTO, TS11XX, and T10000 tape drive simultaneously
45-FramesExpanding the maximum frame count from 40 frames to 45
SLOTIQTake advantage of empty spaces nearest tape drives to optimize performance
MEDIAIQSorting move commands and optimizing move sequence based on robot location
Cold StorageSegregation of tapes into a partition invisible to host applications to reduce cost
Dual Bulk TAPAbility to simultaneously use 2x BulkTAPs for similar operations.
BlackPearl IntegrationRack or other library top mounted gear to house BlackPearl appliance
Dual AC PowerNo input power phasing requirement for N+1 power redundancy

Roving TeraPack Architecture

When data center real-estate counts, Spectra Logic libraries offer you unsurpassed storage density and minimal footprint through a unique and highly efficient design. Instead of using traditional tape slots, Spectra uses innovative “shelves” and TeraPack® containers to store tape cartridges. This approach gives Spectra’s enterprise libraries industry-best storage density, allowing you to store 10 LTO slots (9 enterprise slots) in a single container. When paired with the TFinity ExaScale’s transporter, the TFinity ExaScale’s TeraPack is not just a storage container, but a vehicle for transporting 180TB of LTO data, 180 TB of TS1160 data, and 480 TB of TS1170 data to drives, storage shelves, import, and export in a single robotic movement, reducing the time required to handle media by 90 percent.

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