Spectra TFinity ExaScale


Impressive Flexibility with Limitless Possibilities

Tri-Media Revolution
Spectra pioneered the dual-tape technology of combining LTO tape with IBM® TS technology in the same library. Today with TFinity® ExaScale, Spectra is the only company offering support for all major tape technologies, also including Oracle® T10000x technology, in one library. This gives organizations the ability to switch vendors, if needed, and migrate existing data to their technology of choice. Spectra also supports object storage with LTFS making your archives non-proprietary.

Maximum Software Compatibility
Spectra tape libraries support nearly every software package written for open systems tape, in parallel with Spectra’s Shared Library Services (SLS), to deliver an application integration that maximizes the benefits of your storage, optimizes business results and minimizes time to value. Combining Spectra storage systems and solutions with leading third-party applications can reduce risk, improve efficiency and address data protection concerns — while increasing flexibility through a more robust information infrastructure.

For more information on Spectra’s Technology Partners, please go to the Spectra Technology Partner page.

Commercial and Open-Source Applications

Among the many major commercial backup application players are Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, Dell/EMC Networker, and IBM Spectrum Protect. There are many more, but these are the names often found in the top five for commercial “application-based” backup.

There are also a handful of open source application-based backup and recovery products supported by Spectra libraries, such as Amanda Community Edition (by Zmanda), Bacula and Bareos (a derivative of Bacula). These solutions tend to differentiate themselves by providing non-proprietary formats and are available as free “community edition” software. Zmanda and Bacula also offer commercial versions of their software typically referred to as “Enterprise Edition” which are likewise supported by Spectra.

Integrates into Your Private Cloud
BlackPearl provides an object storage gateway, allowing for a single interface to tape using cloud protocols. Utilizing Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl, integrate your TFinity ExaScale into a private cloud leveraging the simple RESTful S3 interface and embedded management software in the BlackPearl. You can implement one of the existing Spectra certified client applications as a plug and play solution, or develop your own using a host of tools provided by Spectra. Lastly existing S3 applications can be implemented with little to no modification. Simply put, BlackPearl unlocks tape’s economies of scale, allowing you to drive the total cost of your deep storage down as your system grows.

LTO Tape Technology Grows With You

The TFinity ExaScale leverages LTO (Linear Tape Open), the only open format tape technology available. You can rest easy knowing that each generation of LTO is backward compatible – with a vigorous roadmap extending to LTO-10 and beyond, so you have peace of mind that your tape technology format is here to stay.

Today’s LTO-9 provides up to 45TB of compressed capacity on each data cartridge (18TB native). With data transfer rates up to 1000MB/s compressed, you’ll notice that your jobs will be completed in short order.

BlackPearl Unlocks Tape’s Economies of Scale
BlackPearl allows you to drive the total cost of your deep storage down as your system grows. Tiered storage is an underlying principle of BlackPearl and its advanced bucket management. With BlackPearl’s simple RESTful S3 interface and embedded management software, organizations can use existing client applications as a plug-and-play solution or develop their own using a host of tools provided by Spectra. It’s the most efficient, intelligent path to deep, limitless storage in the TFinity ExaScale.

Preserve Your Storage Investment with TranScale®
Spectra uses TranScale in our enterprise libraries by interchanging the expensive components between the T200, T380 and T680 libraries as well as the T950 to TFinity® libraries. As you grow, you continue to use your original tape drives, power supplies, TeraPacks and media in your new library. The frame is the only major component that changes when you are ready to upgrade to a larger tape library. Spectra TranScale provides a cost-effective lifetime investment in storage, allowing you to scale your hardware and software to make your capacity upgrades quick, seamless and affordable.

Hot New Feature—Cold Storage
Volumes of unstructured data are growing at exponential rates and organizations are looking for low-cost, high-capacity data storage options to manage this data explosion. TFinity ExaScale introduces the concept of cold storage for organization looking for affordable “vault space” in their library. A partition is created that will allow anything stored in it to be invisible to the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) which traditionally charges per slot, which in turn drastically reduces the cost of maintaining a nearline copy on tape. When data that is in cold storage needs to be accessed, one of the two robots in the library can pick that TeraPack and move it to an active slot making the data accessible. Cold storage slots are not only invisible to the user’s ISV, but also carry a discounted slot charge from Spectra.

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