Spectra T680


Capacity and Throughput
Technology Max Drives Max Cartridges Max Capacity Max Throughput Encryption Support
LTO-9 12 680**

12 6PB (uncompressed)

30.1PB (compressed)*

17.28TB/hr (uncompressed)

38.88TB/hr (compressed)*

LTO-8 12 680**

8.6PB (uncompressed)

20.4PB (compressed)*

15.55TB/hr (uncompressed)

32.4TB/hr (compressed)*

LTO-7 Type M 12 680**

6.03PB (uncompressed)

15.07PB (compressed)*

13.0TB/hr (uncompressed)

30.24TB/hr (compressed)*

LTO-7 12 680**

4.0PB (uncompressed)

10.0PB (compressed)*

13.0TB/hr (uncompressed)

30.24TB/hr (compressed)*

LTO-6 12 680**

1.6PB (uncompressed)

4.1PB (compressed)*

6.9TB/hr (uncompressed)

17.3TB/hr (compressed)*


* Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-7 Type M, LTO-8, LTO-9
**To fully maximize the library, 10 slots utilize the EE port as a storage chamber


  LTO Drives and Media
Temperature 10'C to 40'C (50'F to 104'F)
Humidity 20 to 80%


  LTO Drives and Media
Library MTTR 3 minutes for hot-swap components. 30 minutes for non-hot-swap components
Power Requirements

12 LTO Drives; 532 Watts AC (max operating) 200-240v AC (50/60Hz>/6.8-8.2 Amps (RMS)

Heat Dissipation: 1,818 BTU/hr (max operating, same configuration)


Max Media/Slot Count Max Partitions Tape Technology Supported Dimensions
680 (LTO) 12 LTO-4,5,6,7,7 Type M,8,9 73.5 x 17.5 x 48 (42U)


Library Weight
Base Chassis 765 lb (347 kg)
Weight with Max Drives and Max Inventory 1211 lb (549 kg)


Library Features
Encryption Supported BlueScale/Spectra SKLM
Type of TeraPack System Roving TeraPack
Queued Ejects Support Yes
Auto Clean Support Yes
Camera (Spectra Vision) Yes
Spectra Encryption Options  Available Cost
Spectra BlueScale Standard Encryption X Free
Spectra BlueScale Professional Encryption X Additional Charge
Spectra BlueScale SKLM Encryption X Additional Charge
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