Spectra T680

Overview: Maximum Flexibility, Superior Longevity, and Tremendous Efficiency


With the T680’s proven tape technology, this library will support your organization for the long haul. Built around Spectra’s patented roving TeraPack Architecture, the T680 tape library provides the ability to load, move, store and eject 450TB of compressed* LTO data in a single robotic movement.

With this exceptionally high-performance tape library, you will meet your backup, archive and deep storage requirements. Seamlessly scalable from 50 to 670 LTO slots, and from 2 to 12 drives in a 42U form factor. You can store 12PB (30PB compressed*) of data, and you can transfer data up to 17.3TB/hr. (43TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-9 tape technology.

Efficient, Scalable storage without compromise.

Spectra T680

Spectra® T680 Front

Spectra® T680 Back

Roving TeraPack Architecture
When data center real estate counts, Spectra Logic libraries offer you unsurpassed storage density and minimal footprint through a unique and highly efficient design. Instead of using traditional tape slots, Spectra uses innovative “shelves” and TeraPack containers to store tape cartridges. This approach gives Spectra’s enterprise libraries industry-best density, allowing you to store 10 LTO slots in a single container. When paired with the T680’s transporter, the T680’s TeraPack is not just a storage container, but a vehicle for transporting 180TB of LTO data to drives, storage shelves, import, and export in a single robotic movement, reducing the time required handling media by 90 percent.

“Spectra Logic provided Joyce Meyer Ministries with a high-performance, cost-effective storage solution that allows us to restore one hour of video footage in less than half the time our previous device required.”

– Bryce Bagwill, Joyce Meyer Ministries

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