Spectra Stack MigrationPass

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Both Spectra and the Spectra Stack library make any migration plan seamless. Tape is designed for long-term data storage, but too often users are required to sacrifice their existing investment in tape drives when they move to a new tape library. Spectra Stack’s MigrationPass eliminates the need to make that costly decision. MigrationPass starts with the unique ability to migrate your existing tape drives into the Spectra Stack library. It also includes a program to help you migrate to later LTO generations as they are released. This unprecedented offering protects user investment while providing a truly open approach to working with a technology designed for multi-generation use.

Maintaining access to existing applications is fairly straightforward when migrating from one tape library to another, but what happens when you need to migrate from the data application itself? How is the metadata transferred? How are competing applications maintained in the same system simultaneously? How do I migrate data to the newest tape technology? Spectra’s Professional Services team supports thousands of users with these issues on a regular basis. Let our experts guide you through the process.

Spectra Logic’s MigrationPass includes:

  • Free SLS license to enable separate library partitions
  • Free two-hour migration consultation – Spectra Professional Services will remotely help you through the step-by-step hard migration process to make sure it goes smoothly
  • Ability to use existing LTO drives (LTO-5 and newer) in new Spectra Stack library

MigrationPass also takes advantage of one of the most stackable libraries with the most partitions on the market – Spectra Stack. With up to 20 partitions available within a single library solution, Spectra Stack allows users to mix multiple generations of media, multiple applications and multiple use cases to create a flexible storage solution that meets the unique needs of your organization.

With Spectra Stack’s ability to read all LTO generations back to LTO-3 media, the Spectra Stack is ready to fit into virtually any tape environment. By partitioning the library for multiple LTO generations, migration to newer tape and drive technology can happen transparently to other daily operations.

Preserve Your Storage Investment with TranScale®

Spectra Stack was designed with investment protection in mind. The unique ability to move existing tape drives into a new Spectra Stack library assure investment protection on the front end, but what about customers who eventually outgrow Spectra Stack’s 560 cartridge capacity? That’s where TransScale comes into play.

Spectra’s TranScale process was created to expand from one tape library to the next in our Enterprise library line. Simply put, users can interchange the most expensive components between libraries. Spectra now offers this same process for Spectra Stack once the library’s 560 tape capacity has been reached. Just move existing tapes and tape drives to one of Spectra’s enterprise libraries – the T950 or TFinity® ExaScale. As you grow, you continue to use your original tape drives and media in your new library. TranScale provides a cost-effective lifetime investment in storage, allowing you to scale your hardware and software to make your capacity upgrades quick, seamless and affordable.

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