StorCycle Perpetual Storage

StorCycle Perpetual Storage

With the advent of StorCycle, Spectra Logic has introduced a new storage tier known as the Perpetual Tier – shown in the diagram below. The Perpetual Tier complements an organization’s existing Primary Tier of storage and provides lower-cost storage options, including public/private cloud, BlackPearl and tape. StorCycle leverages metadata to help administrators identify and migrate inactive data into the Perpetual Tier, leading to cost savings and high data integrity and safety, all while leaving data easily accessible and searchable.

The Primary Tier holds all active data and is most commonly composed of flash, NVMe and high-performance disk drives, in order to achieve the performance required for workflows associated with highly active data. Combined with the Perpetual Tier, StorCycle can ensure that data is stored on the most pragmatic storage medium possible – whether that means storing a long-term copy in an offsite data vault or maintaining a copy on the fastest SSD tier allowable. The Perpetual Tier is used for secondary storage, distribution, backup, archive, and disaster recovery. By reducing data on the Primary Tier, dedicated to performance, smart organizations can configure the more economical Perpetual Tier to be as responsive as their workflows demand.

Spectra Perpetual Storage Tier Diagram image
An important principal of the Perpetual Tier is data integrity and safety. Because data stored in the Perpetual Tier is not part of the typical backup process used in the Primary Tier, keeping multiple copies of data in multiple locations is critical to reduce the likelihood that the data will be lost. StorCycle makes it easy to set up policies to store and delete data in the Perpetual Tier in this manner as data progresses along its lifecycle. For more information on ways to protect data and understand the options available, download a copy of “Society’s Genome.” This book, authored by Spectra CEO Nathan Thompson, provides a deep dive into different storage retention options and best practices to ensure your data is always accessible.
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