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Data is the lifeblood of organizations today, and knowing how to manage and store that data is proving to be one of the most challenging tasks for individuals managing data.

The cost of secondary storage hardware has been declining year over year and is projected to continue to drop in price for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the cost of traditional data management software required to move data from the Primary Tier to lower-cost storage has been increasing.

It’s not uncommon to see data management software cost more than the storage medium on a per-capacity basis, making current solutions cost multipliers rather than cost reducers. But, how do you leverage the affordability of secondary storage?

StorCycle was developed to be an affordable data and storage lifecycle management software solution that will reduce the total cost of storage while leaving all data accessible, all the time. No longer do organizations need to fully redesign their storage infrastructure to implement a storage lifecycle management software solution. StorCycle requires nothing more than a Windows or Linux server that has access to your primary storage.

Migration Methods – Project Archive and Auto Migrate

For known projects that are completed, StorCycle has a project archive function that allows for entire directories to be fully archived when a project is completed and the data is no longer needed, but cannot be deleted. Examples of project archives include experiment result sets, television episodes, instrument data sets, and more. Files and projects can be selected for migration to a lower cost Perpetual Tier regardless of activity level. Metadata can be added to help in the searchability of any given project allowing for easy access if the data is ever needed again.
Spectra StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management Software Overview
For organizations that do not know where their inactive data is, StorCycle offers an automated migration function. Directories or entire file shares can be scanned and migrated based on user-defined policies. The StorCycle scan will efficiently “walk” the file system and report the age and size of all files in the data set. Policies can then be set to migrate inactive data based on age, size and file type.

Access Options

StorCycle gives users options as to what they would like to leave in place of files that are migrated via StorCycle. HTML Links and Symbolic Links are both options available in StorCycle that allow users to go to the same location to access their data as they did prior to the implementation of a StorCycle solution. In addition, users have the ability to do a copy/keep migration, where the original file is left on the Primary Tier of storage, and a copy of the data is created and stored in the Perpetual Tier. Lastly, StorCycle offers a traditional archive workflow, where data is migrated and nothing is left in the original location. With this method, the StorCycle web interface would be the method to restore data to make it available by users.

With the implementation of StorCycle, organizations will realize a reduction of total cost of storage and higher performing primary storage through a number of different ways:

  • Reduce the size of the Primary Tier of storage, in turn lowering refresh cost on primary storage
  • Reduce both the size and time required for backups to complete
  • The cost of StorCycle will not negate the incredible savings of multiple forms of low-cost storage in the Perpetual Tier such as SATA disk, cloud or even tape.
  • With a reduction in data stored on the primary tier organizations gain a greater performance of their primary storage by reducing the size and load on that tier.

License Levels

  • Users – 3
  • Spectra Storage targets – Unlimited
  • Free Cloud Out – 25TB
  • Users – 25
  • Spectra Storage targets – Unlimited
  • Free Cloud Out – 50TB
  • Users – 100
  • Spectra Storage targets – Unlimited
  • Free Cloud Out – 100TB
  • Scheduled Delete
  • Users – Unlimited
  • Spectra Storage targets – Unlimited
  • Free Cloud Out – Unlimited
  • Scheduled Delete
Customer can use existing NAS as a storage target for StorCycle. StorCycle can be purchased as a permanent license or a subscription license.

StorCycle Use Cases

Spectra reduced primary storage costs image

StorCycle Benefits: Spectra StorCycle was built to provide the following benefits to organizations.

Reduce Primary Storage Costs
Organizations need a solution which reduces primary storage costs in hardware, software and storage licensing. A reduction in expensive primary storage will also lead to less administrative and maintenance costs for the primary storage support, and allow IT administrators to be more productive in organizing and managing their infrastructure. A thoughtful reduction in primary storage will create a more organized, mission-critical primary storage infrastructure.

Reduce Backups
As the size of an organization’s primary storage is reduced, daily, weekly and monthly backups or replication snapshots are also smaller, leading to shorter backup windows, reduced backup storage costs, and faster recovery from disaster.

Improve Primary Storage Performance
Leaving only the mission critical and important data on the primary storage systems will lead to more free space, resulting in higher performance for active data. A lean primary storage system will serve more value to its users by eliminating unnecessary search results and improving a user’s ability to browse and interact with important data.

Free up Budget to Move to all Flash for Primary Tier
By removing inactive data from the Primary Tier of storage, an organization can now more affordably upgrade to a high-performance primary storage tier that uses SSD, NVMe, or other cutting-edge high performance technologies.

Seamlessly Extend Primary Storage
With StorCycle, a user’s access to primary storage can be preserved while capitalizing on lower cost secondary and archive storage. Historically, files and projects which are backed up or archived require an IT administrator to work with a user to identify and restore the file(s). StorCycle extends the access of primary storage to other tiers, and allows a user to easily restore any files or directories that exist on low-cost storage from their local work machine.

Make Disaster Recovery Copies of Data
A storage system which is capable of managing files should not be limited to simply moving a file from one storage location to another – it should also allow user to make copies of any data file for disaster recovery purposes. StorCycle enables a storage tier that can not only save an organization money and capacity on primary storage hardware and software costs, but also provide data management tools for offsite replication and disaster recovery (DR).

Incorporate the Cloud
StorCycle supports various workflows to allow organizations to better utilize the cloud with their data. Inactive data can be moved to the cloud for more cost-effective storage. Data can moved to the cloud can also be used for sharing with other groups and for use in cloud workflows such as transcoding and artificial intelligence (AI) tagging.

Responsive Data
StorCycle not only moves data from primary storage for cost-saving purposes, but it also helps to ensure that data is located on the appropriate storage medium at the right time. StorCycle will manage multiple copies of data and can ensure that at least one copy is stored in a location that is convenient and appropriate to a user’s needs.

Scheduled Delete
Users can now configure automatic deletions of data migrated/stored by a project after StorCycle retains it for a specified number of days. Users will get email notifications about pending deletions five days before data is deleted.

Bring Visibility and Insight to All Unmanaged Assets

Digital content is the lifeblood of media and entertainment organizations, and must be preserved for the long run. Although there are a number of tools to help organize and manage content, how do organizations deal with the sprawling data volumes that are NOT managed by an asset management application? Oftentimes “unmanaged” assets reside outside of the domain of traditional asset management applications. StorCycle identifies file attributes of unmanaged assets and moves less frequently accessed content to lower cost storage tiers, providing seamless, familiar access and recovery as needed. With StorCycle, organizations are able to implement an integrated perpetual storage tier for a solution that enables workflow automation in production environments.
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