Use Case: Multiple Clouds

Use Case: Customer wants to leverage combination of multiple public and/or private clouds

There are many ways to extract value from data today. With more public cloud providers providing overlapping and complementary capabilities, IT consumers have reasons to want the same data in multiple locations in a synchronized way. Vail extends multiple public and private clouds into a single managed structure so that data can be leveraged where it has the most value and at the optimal cost.

Also, by leveraging data center infrastructures, customers can populate and synchronize object data into whichever cloud they want on demand. Then, when they are done leveraging that data, they can delete the data from metered locations without incurring egress charges.

Vail Use Case – Government Agency

The Goal:
To find a way to collect globally dispersed data into a central repository where a supercomputer can perform analytics and generate results. Once results are generated, they must be shared with other departments and users.

The Challenge:
Remote offices and remote collection sites were unable to connect to a central location to transfer data, causing delays and other challenges of transferring data. Once results were generated, the public cloud was used to distribute the data. This resulted in unplanned egress and out-charges with the public cloud and alternatives needed to be evaluate.

The Solution:
With Vail, this government agency was able to implement an end-to-end data management and delivery service that allows data collection from instruments and contributors from all over the world using a combination of edge, core and cloud computing locations. In addition, they can store data in AWS and on on-premises according to a policy defined to meet service levels that match the value of the data over time, while managing access costs to adhere to the needs of the data consumers and their budget resources.

Lastly, Vail is able to keep historic data in a multi-site, durable, accessible, and affordable datastore. Any dataset can be accessed in minutes while only paying storage costs.

With Vail, this agency is able to leverage any combination of public clouds and on-on-premises datastores. They are able to choose the storage tier that matches the value of their data and response time needed for any point in time access to the data. This happens while managing the data based on the elasticity and reliability of AWS cloud services.

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