Use Case: Manage Cloud Storage Cost

Use Case: Customer is using the cloud and wants to manage cloud storage cost

Vail enables public cloud customers to seamlessly extend their public cloud to their data center by managing object storage in multiple locations under a single, policy-based management structure. By keeping object data which is actively used by cloud-based applications and storing other data on-prem, customers can use their datacenter infrastructure to store a perpetual copy of data to save on metered cloud costs while continuing to extract maximum value out of their cloud services. When data stored on-prem is needed in any public cloud, customers can populate and synchronize data to the location where it delivers the most business value. When the data is no longer being used in a metered public cloud, the customer can delete the data from that location without incurring egress charges.


As public cloud storage costs add up, customers will often tier their data to a Glacier-like tier of public cloud storage. While this saves money in the immediate term, if that customer wants to repatriate their data back to their own premise or to another cloud, the costs are prohibitive – over $50,000 per petabyte compared to $21,000 a year to leave it in AWS Glacier*. This does not include the cost of the target storage on premise and makes a business case to bring data back on-prem challenging.

*Amazon Glacier® is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.

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