Use Case: Leverage Public Cloud

Use Case: The customer wants to leverage public cloud but is having challenges migrating data and apps to the cloud

Vail enables IT customers to extend their data center into the public cloud by managing object storage in multiple locations under a single, policy-based management structure. Customers who want to run applications on one or more public clouds with production data, but still need to use the production data on-premises, can synchronize object data to any number of S3 storage pools. This allows on-premises and cloud applications to use the same data without negative impacts to their SLAs. At the same time, customers can keep cloud costs under control by populating data to the public cloud when it is needed and deleting it when it is not, without incurring egress charges. The pursuit to leverage the public cloud will not happen in one day. During the process, Vail can keep the customer’s on-premises and cloud storage synchronized so that the data is usable in multiple locations simultaneously. When data is no longer needed in the public cloud, it is still on premises and the copies in the public cloud can be deleted to stop the metered service.

Vail Use Case – Broadcast Group

The Goal:
To create an automated workflow that seamlessly utilizes cloud services such as transcoding, edit, playout and metadata stripping. Additionally, to create a common platform for all assets, making them available from anywhere, to anyone.

The Challenge:
With over 100 sites spread across the nation, and with every station able to choose tools that work best for their station, a challenge of storing and managing content across sites was discovered. Cloud services and storage costs both began to rise, becoming cost multipliers in the overall workflow.

The Solution:
With Vail, this broadcast group was able to deliver a single media manager across all sites, accessed by thousands of users, in a future-proof S3 interface. Cloud-based workflow automation was achieved by storing high-resolution and raw video content locally, reducing costs. Vail was able to manage media and metadata (sidecar) as objects within a single name-space. Vail also automated site placement of data based on tags with staging, auto-caching, network optimization and direct site-to-site transfers. By only using AWS for cloud services and keeping HD and raw content locally, the cloud bill was reduced by over 70%.

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