BlackPearl Eon Browser

Simple Storage for Non-Managed & Creative Assets

Need to Store Non-Managed & Creative Assets?

Creative services groups use a multitude of tools for after-effects, modeling, animation, motion graphics, etc., and each tool creates a wide array of file types, codecs, and sizes. These creative assets rarely fit into the production workflow and often go unmanaged and unprotected. Like unmanaged creative assets, original captured content quite often falls into the category of non-managed assets. Users in creative services groups often need a solution to manage and protect their creative assets and original content and also require a simple and intuitive way to retrieve them for both ongoing and future projects. Fear not. The BlackPearl Eon Browser, a client application for Spectra’s BlackPearl® Platform, provides creative users a simple tool that not only stores assets but just as simply allows users to search and bring back files quickly. Its intuitive graphical interface facilitates the management and transfer of digital assets between any production storage or network share and the BlackPearl storage platform. With drag-and-drop ease, Eon Browser enables artists, editors and creators to search, select, group, archive, and restore their valuable assets.

About Eon Browser

  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Archive files from local or network storage
  • Use for simple archive workflow
  • Access files archived by any application to BlackPearl
  • Record file transfers with logging feature
  • Search for files by name on BlackPearl
  • Restore files to their original or new location

Eon Browser Benefits

  • Archive non-managed assets simply
  • Maximize utilization of production storagee
  • Provide significant cost savings
  • Utilize a partition in your Spectra tape library
  • Easy-to-use
  • Offer long-term retention and protection of content


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