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It doesn’t get any easier than Verde. A simple graphical user interface guides users through each aspect of set up, management and future expansion. In fact it is so easy that you do not have to be an expert to configure and manage file storage. Verde storage is readily integrated into your environment – from box to production in less than 30 minutes. No previous storage experience required.

Effortless Setup
The Verde interface is designed with extensive input from customers to ensure the system is easy to set up and use immediately. To seamlessly integrate the Verde NAS target into your environment, standard NFS/CIFS file system interfaces are offered for a straightforward installation.

In less than three minutes and four simple steps, you can configure the box on your network, set up a pool and create your first usable volume and share. Verde is so simple you can be managing petabytes of storage in seconds.

Intuitive User Interface
For straightforward setup and management, Verde provides an easy to navigate GUI. The Verde web interface offers browser-based configuration, management and monitoring of all of Verde’s components. An interactive Sliderbar tool allows you to optimize the Verde for capacity vs. performance.

Verde’s dashboard-style management also gives you a single screen view of critical information. For added flexibility, you can manage and monitor your Verde system from anywhere using the mobile interface on your smart phone.
Spectra Visual Status Beacon makes simple storage
Monitor Status at the Rack Visual Status Beacon
The front panel Visual Status Beacon (VSB) LED provides a quick visual status of the unit, allowing for rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting. At a glance confirmation of:

  • System startup
  • Beacon unit
  • Normal operation
  • Hardware Warning State
  • Hardware Critical State

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring
For environments requiring lights-out monitoring, the AutoSupport function lets Verde “phone home” with messages and automatically generated AutoSupport Logs (ASL) for use by the user and Spectra Logic support team.

Easy, Flexible Configuration
Verde’s ease of use and flexibility allows you to choose the level of protection most suited for your workflow. On the graphical interface, simply select the parity level desired: single, double or even triple.

Likewise, using a simple slidebar tool, choose between capacity and performance and pick the configuration that best fits your needs. Verde will do all the work making arrays, parity groups, and stripes, all in a matter of seconds.

Fast Online Disk Management
Expanding your disk with Verde is quick and simple. Disk pools are easily expanded in less than a minute and thin provisioning gives you the flexibility to expand your volumes while online. By allowing you to make better use of existing capacity, data growth can be addressed as needed. Thin provisioning also greatly reduces management overhead in manual allocation of storage space.

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