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Spectra puts the same work into the first unit as it does in the 1,000th. From the processer and memory to power supplies and the network interface controller, every system is tested to a standard specification.

Testing and Performance Verification
Early-life component mortality stops here—every component in the Verde system is tested at Spectra. Each drive is performance tested to ensure you will always receive the fastest drives.

Traditional disk systems do not have a way to check the data that is written to disk. If that information changes on the array you can potentially lose all of your data. Verde utilizes a Fletcher based checksum to guard your system from silent data corruption. Verde performs checksums on every 128K block of data. The block’s checksum is stored in a pointer to the data block rather than with the data block, adding a layer of protection between the corrective mechanism and the data itself. If the checksums don’t match, Verde identifies an accurate copy of that data, or rebuilds another copy through smart RAID.

All Writes Committed
Verde includes data loss prevention by committing all writes to the disk. Data writes are completed before acknowledgement, so if power is lost no data is left in the cache.

Redundant Components
To ensure non-stop operations, Verde offers redundant power supplies and fans.

High Data Integrity
High data integrity software and hardware is the foundation of Verde storage. Verde systems also preserve data integrity by providing multiple levels of integrity checking beyond that found in typical disk systems including the employment of multi-level error correction codes (ECC), memory with ECC and interleaving, internal data handling, copy on write and global spare disks with automatic re-silvering.

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