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Spectra Vail® is a breakthrough cloud data management software solution for the multi-cloud world. Vail unifies all of your data, allowing you to leverage on-prem applications and native cloud services, no matter where your data is created or stored. With so many public clouds, so many object storage platforms, and so many applications, a solution is needed that makes everything aVAILable in a single managed storage platform without vendor lock-in.

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Vail provides a user experience that is built utilizing Amazon® Web Services (AWS®), meaning that users familiar with AWS will have an easy transition to Spectra’s Vail software. Vail’s multi- synchronization capability manages cloud and on-premises storage repositories so that customers can direct users to either type of storage based on that user’s locality and performance requirements, all under a single pane-of-glass management user interface (UI). Vail enables workflows that leverage the flexibility and agility of cloud services while keeping data locally when needed, allowing egress optimization for lowest cost and fastest access from available storage. For datasets that are on-premises, Vail can synchronize them to public cloud storage enabling public cloud applications to leverage the same data as on-premises applications.

Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management Software

Leverage on-prem apps

Leverages on-premises applications and cloud services

  • Integrate on-prem data with cloud services
  • Right-size your cloud storage footprint
  • Serverless cloud based management
  • Accessing public cloud agility for on-prem infrastructure
Manage egress costs

Moves data between platforms and clouds managing egress costs

  • Easily move data to the cloud provider that meets your data needs
  • Avoid cloud lock-in — Cloud cost control
  • Egress optimization for lowest cost and fastest access
  • Seamless support for on-prem Glacier storage
Unifies and simplifies

Unifies and simplifies storage across on-prem, multiple clouds Unifies and storage platforms

  • Integrate on-prem and cloud storage across multiple clouds and sites
  • Single global name space – across multi-cloud and mutli-site environments
  • Multi-directional data synchronization across clouds and on-prem
  • Configurable policy engine manages data across multiple clouds and sites
  • Data policy management accomplished at bucket level
Integrate cloud services

Integrates public cloud services into your distributed workflow

  • Leverage local storage and cloud services through seamless hybrid workflows
  • Data accessibility independent of data’s physical location
  • Secure, central repository for long-term preservation and disaster recovery
  • Asset placement where it is needed

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Spectra Vail Workflows

Vail manages any data regardless of its physical location.

Vail adopts and unifies existing storage - presenting as S3 storage.

Vail enables the ability to use data that exists in multiple clouds - and any tier in any cloud - it all appears as storage options

Vail can deliver on-prem S3 storage with BlackPearl, a simple appliance that is scale-up S3 storage, such as disk or tape.

Spectra adds unique value by presenting tape as glacier, allowing for long-term storage that functions like Amazon Glacier without the egress charges and long SLA.

Vail’s distributed multi-cloud management allows local and cloud targets to be universally accessible and appear as a unified global namespace, integrating cloud services.

Vail has an integrated and powerful policy engine that manages data placement

Leverage Cloud Services

Vail enables users to extend their data center into the public cloud and manage data in multiple clouds and multiple locations under a single, policy-based management structure. During the process to leverage the public cloud and the services it can provide, Vail can keep the customer’s on-prem and cloud storage synchronized so that the data is usable in both locations simultaneously. This allows on-prem applications and cloud applications to use the same data without negative impacts to performance. When data is no longer needed in the public cloud, a golden copy can be maintained on-premises, and the copies in the public cloud can be deleted to stop the metered service, without losing the long-term preservation often required.

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Multi-site, Multi-cloud

There are many ways to extract value from data today. With more public cloud providers providing overlapping and complementary capabilities, users have reasons to want the same data in multiple locations in a synchronized way. Vail extends multiple public and private clouds into a single global namespace with a user-defined policy engine so that data can be leveraged where it has the most value and at the optimal cost. With a complete copy of data in the on-prem data center infrastructure, customers can populate and synchronize object data into whichever cloud they want on demand. Then once the computations are completed, the data can be deleted from metered locations without incurring egress charges.

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Control Cloud Costs

By keeping object data which is actively used by cloud-based applications in the cloud and storing an entire copy of data on-premises, customers can use their data center infrastructure to store a golden copy of data. This will save on metered cloud costs while continuing to extract maximum value out of their cloud services. When data stored on-prem is needed in any public cloud, customers can populate and synchronize data to the cloud location where it delivers the most business value. When the data is no longer being used in a metered public cloud, the customer can delete the data from that location without incurring egress charges.

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Challenges Vail solves

Leverage Cloud ServicesTransition to the Public CloudGlacier StorageCloud UnificationReduce Application DisruptionCreate a Hybrid CloudMulti-site Environments Reduce Access ChargesCreate Your Own Cloud
Vail allows for raw data and data that is generated outside the cloud to be used by cloud compute resources. Data can be securely stored outside the cloud and moved into the cloud of your choice to leverage cloud services to perform actions on the data, streamlining the overall workflow for operational efficiencies and cost savings.
Vail provides a single global namespace to all storage that it manages, regardless of physical location, including: flash, disk, tape and public clouds, creating a connected infrastructure that is able to store data locally and move it to the cloud.
With Vail you can utilize glacier storage for all your long-term retention data. Storing data for multiple years is often a requirement and with Vail you can utilize AWS Glacier® or create your own on-premises glacier storage tier for the greatest cost savings for long-term retention data.
With Vail, cloud lock-in is no longer an issue when adopting a cloud workflow. By leveraging multiple public clouds, Vail delivers the freedom to choose the cloud (and cloud services) that best fits your needs. Painlessly move data between cloud vendors without your applications being aware that the data has moved.
Vail provides the same S3 interface whether data is stored in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or another cloud platform. Existing applications will never need to be rewritten for a new cloud vendors’ API as long as standard S3 is used. Vail will take care of the translations to other cloud providers.
With Vail’s storage-agnostic approach, existing on-premises hardware and software can be utilized in a Vail workflow providing investment protection and offsetting cloud costs with local storage.
Vail provides the ability to manage data regardless of physical location. Bucket level policies can be applied to data to determine where the content should be stored, moved, and shared.
Vail allows users to leverage lower-cost storage, either on-prem or cloud, and have their data accessible to other clouds. With Vail’s licensing flexibility, options are available to balance upfront expenses with ongoing expenses, reducing surprise costs traditionally associated with cloud workflows.
For organizations that are unable to utilize the public cloud for any reason, Vail delivers a cloud interface and management experience, making all data accessible from anywhere in the world, while using on-premises storage and maintaining control over your data.


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