Complete Application Support

Spectra tape libraries support nearly every software package written for open systems tape. Combining Spectra’s T950v library with leading third-party applications can reduce risk, improve efficiency and address data protection concerns – all while enhancing flexibility through an even more robust information infrastructure. With support for multiple connectivity options as well as all major backup software packages and operating systems, the T950v fits easily into any environment.


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Integrates with your Environment
The T950v is compatible with most channel interfaces and networking protocols, ensuring the best possible data transfer performance. It is also compatible with all industry standard operating systems including Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS, and seamlessly integrates with all major backup software applications. You can even run as many as 16 applications at the same time with partitioning.

The T950v provides a choice of connectivity options — either direct-connect Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Fibre Channel.

T950v: Maximum Compatibility with the industry’s Software Packages

Integrates into Wide-Ranging Markets

Integrates into your Private Cloud
BlackPearl provides an object storage gateway, allowing for a single interface to tape using cloud protocols. Utilizing Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl, integrate your T950v into a private cloud leveraging the simple RESTful S3 interface and embedded management software in the BlackPearl. You can implement one of the existing Spectra certified client applications as a plug and play solution, or develop your own using a host of tools provided by Spectra. Lastly existing S3 applications can be implemented with little to no modification. Simply put, BlackPearl unlocks tape’s economies of scale, allowing you to drive the total cost of your deep storage down as your system grows.

With BlackPearl’s integrated cloud out technology, you have the ability to store data locally, or in a public cloud. This converts your T950v tape library and BlackPearl into a true hybrid cloud storage system with the simple addition of public cloud storage and management, all through a single user interface. With BlackPearl’s user defined data management policies, you can choose where to store your data, how long to keep it on each of storage medium, and where to access it from. Users now have the ability to leverage tape’s cost-effective storage, and cloud’s distribution and disaster recovery situations to create a custom hybrid cloud storage system.

Consolidate Data Using 16 Integrated Partitions
With support for multiple connectivity protocols as well as all major backup software packages and operating systems, Spectra’s T950v fits easily into any environment. BlueScale’s Shared Library Services (SLS) lets data centers implement 16 partitions so that a single library can appear as multiple libraries. Unlike other partitioning solutions that involve complicated and expensive external partitioning servers, network connections, and proprietary client software, you can easily partition your library using its BlueScale interface.

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