Spectra T680 Tape Solution Overview

With the T680’s proven tape technology, this library will support your organization for the long haul. Built around Spectra’s patented roving TeraPack Architecture, the T680 tape library provides the ability to load, move, store and eject 450TB of compressed* LTO data in a single robotic movement.

With this exceptionally high-performance tape library, you will meet your backup, archive and deep storage requirements. Seamlessly scalable from 50 to 670 LTO slots, and from 2 to 12 drives in a 42U form factor. You can store 12PB (30PB compressed*) of data, and you can transfer data up to 17.3TB/hr. (43TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-9 tape technology.

Efficient, Scalable storage without compromise.

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*2.5:1 compression


Roving TeraPack Architecture
When data center real estate counts, Spectra Logic libraries offer you unsurpassed storage density and minimal footprint through a unique and highly efficient design. Instead of using traditional tape slots, Spectra uses innovative “shelves” and TeraPack containers to store tape cartridges. This approach gives Spectra’s enterprise libraries industry-best density, allowing you to store 10 LTO slots in a single container. When paired with the T680’s transporter, the T680’s TeraPack is not just a storage container, but a vehicle for transporting 180TB of LTO data to drives, storage shelves, import, and export in a single robotic movement, reducing the time required handling media by 90 percent.

Get to Know T680

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Administration: A common management interface, called BlueScale, for all library functions including configuration, administration, security, and remote operations.

Media Lifecycle Management (MLM): Tracks and monitors 40+ data points for each piece of Spectra Certified media in your library to proactively notify you of media health issues before they become problems.

Encryption: Integrated AES-256 encryption and key management providing easy, economical, powerful security.

Data Integrity Verification (DIV): Confirms data written to tape is readable immediately after it is written as well as at user selectable times thereafter to protect archived data.

Availability: Assisted Self Maintenance is an industry first support option that allows users to depot customer replaceable parts on site to quickly and easily replace failed components and maximize up time.

T680 Technical Specifications

Capacity and Throughput
Technology Max Drives Max Cartridges Max Capacity Max Throughput Encryption Support
LTO-9 12 670





LTO-8 12 680**





LTO-7 Type M 12 670**





LTO-7 12 670**





LTO-6 12 670**

1.6PB (uncompressed)

4.1PB (compressed)*

6.9TB/hr (uncompressed)

17.3TB/hr (compressed)*


*  Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-7 Type M, LTO-8, LTO-9
**To fully maximize the library, 10 slots utilize the EE port as a storage chamber


  LTO Drives and Media
Temperature 10’C to 40’C (50’F to 104’F)
Humidity 20 to 80%


  LTO Drives and Media
Library MTTR 3 minutes for hot-swap components. 30 minutes for non-hot-swap components
Power Requirements

12 LTO Drives; 532 Watts AC (max operating) 200-240v AC (50/60Hz>/6.8-8.2 Amps (RMS)

Heat Dissipation: 1,818 BTU/hr (max operating, same configuration)


Max Media/Slot Count Max Partitions Tape Technology Supported Dimensions
670 (LTO) 12 LTO-4,5,6,7,7 Type M,8,9 73.5 x 17.5 x 48 (42U)


Library Weight
Base Chassis 765 lb (347 kg)
Weight with Max Drives and Max Inventory 1211 lb (549 kg)


Library Features
Encryption Supported BlueScale/Spectra SKLM
Type of TeraPack System Roving TeraPack
Queued Ejects Support Yes
Auto Clean Support Yes
Camera (Spectra Vision) Yes
Spectra Encryption Options  Available Cost
Spectra BlueScale Standard Encryption X Free
Spectra BlueScale Professional Encryption X Additional Charge
Spectra BlueScale SKLM Encryption X Additional Charge

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