T50e Broad Application

Designed for ultimate simplicity, the T50e arrives at your doorstep ready to add to your environment with minimal time and effort involved. Just set it and forget it.


Integrates with your Environment
The T50e is compatible with most Fibre Channel interfaces and networking protocols, ensuring the best possible data transfer performance. It is also compatible with all industry standard operating systems including Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS, and seamlessly integrates with all major backup software applications.

The T50e provides a choice of connectivity options — either direct-connect Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Fibre Channel.

The T50e can even be shared with multiple servers and applications, allowing sites using two backup applications to use just one T50e. By configuring the library with up to four partitions using Shared Library Services (SLS) you can quickly configure the T50e to work seamlessly with up to four different backup applications.

T50e: Maximum Compatibility with the Industry’s Software Packages

Integrates into Wide-Ranging Markets

Affordably Store Data Forever with Spectra’s T50e and Spectra’s BlackPearl
To meet the demands of extreme data growth and long-term retention, the Spectra BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway enables users to easily store massive data forever at virtually no cost. Designed for organizations where data is a significant part of their operations, BlackPearl allows data to move seamlessly into mass tape storage, including the T50e, in a way not previously possible.

By using both the Spectra T50e and BlackPearl, you are able to deploy a tier of deep storage that is cost effective, easy to manage and scalable to exabytes of data. With BlackPearl’s simple RESTful Spectra S3 interface and embedded tape management software, you will confidently store all of your data forever at costs as low as pennies per gigabyte.

The T50e works with a growing number of clients written for BlackPearl. Moreover, Spectra has written software development kits to allow users to create their own BlackPearl applications — enabling customization to drive additional efficiencies and ROI.



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