Designed for straightforward management.

Spectra Enterprise libraries provide you with a number of features and tools that ensure an effortless management experience. With an unmatched features set, it is easy to install and maintain, and can even be managed locally or remotely.

“We are committed to providing top-end advanced computing facilities while maximizing energy efficiency; Spectra Logic has helped us on both counts. The BlueScale interface in particular has made encryption and library management overall very easy and moving the tapes is also a smooth process thanks to the TeraPack trays.”
Lesley Thompson, EPSRC’s Director of Science and Engineering

BlueScale®, the common software interface for all Spectra tape libraries, brings intelligent command and control features to the T200 tape library. Available through the library’s on-board LCD color touchscreen and remote web access, BlueScale is an easy-to-navigate, browser-based library interface built into Spectra libraries that enables our solutions to work easily, flexibly and safely with your data.

A single BlueScale user interface manages an entire library without any external servers. BlueScale manages your library, configurations, partitions, encryption key management and all library/media health monitoring. By consolidating all management functions in a single library, you save time managing the library and lower costs by eliminating the need for additional equipment, software license charges or additional power or cooling requirements of extra server hardware.

Spectra Encryption
To help your organization secure data on tape, Spectra® Encryption, available with every Spectra library, offers a range of solutions to meet your individualized encryption requirements. Spectra Logic offers three types of encryption: Free standard Spectra BlueScale Encryption, Professional Spectra BlueScale Encryption and Spectra SKLM. Delivering tailored, customer-centric encryption key management solutions through very flexible design options, Spectra BlueScale Encryption meets data protection needs across a broad variety of customers ranging from the very small business to the largest, most security-conscious enterprise. Learn More >

Spectra SKLM Encryption
For organizations with more complex and robust requirements, Spectra SKLM Encryption Key Management is time tested and proven across enterprise-level customers requiring the highest standard of encryption security. With optional Spectra SKLM you can deploy a clean, simple key management solution that meets the complex requirements your organization faces. Spectra SKLM is a robust encryption key manager that delivers a unified key management strategy to streamline your encryption deployment.

Spectra Certified Media
Our commitment to you is making tape pain-free through Spectra® Certified Media. From manufacturer selection to testing and customer shipment, every step of the Spectra Certified Media process is designed to ensure you have the most reliable and automated tape storage available. No other supplier places as much emphasis on continual enhancements and features that simplify all aspects of the media management process. Learn More >

Consolidate Data Using Integrated Partitioning
With support for all major backup software packages and operating systems, T380 libraries fit easily into any environment. The T380’s Shared Library Services (SLS) lets data centers implement up to 12 integrated partitions, so that a single library appears as multiple libraries. Unlike other partitioning solutions that involve complicated and expensive external partitioning servers, network connections, and proprietary client software, you can easily partition the Spectra T380 library using the library’s built-in BlueScale interface.

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