Data Workflows

Data can be transferred to a BlackPearl converged storage system, and all of its supported storage targets, via five different paths or workflows: Backup, Manual data movement, semi-automated data movement, fully-automated data movement, and purpose-built integrations. Any organization has the ability to instantly leverage any, or all, of these workflows to solve the ongoing challenges with data storage and management. Whether an organization seamlessly offloads its Tier 1 primary storage or implements a reliable and genetically diverse storage system by balancing the number of copies, locations and storage mediums (tape, disk or cloud) with cost, all this can be accomplished seamlessly in a single system.

Backup Workflow
Protecting data through customizable and 3rd party applications

Backup workflow

For environments where data protection is needed through regular backup’s, multiple options are available for protecting your data. From third party integrations that offer feature rich, reliable, and intelligent backups, to a fully customizable backup using BlackPearl, Spectra products provide the affordable solution for storing critical data

Backup File Movement Process

  • Software automatically makes copies of new or updated files on a scheduled or continuous basis
  • User restores files through software


  • Veeam
  • NetBackup
  • Komprise
  • ownCloud
  • rclone
  • Marquis Project Parking (Avid project backups)
  • Java CLI with “sync” option
Purpose Built and Manual Workflow
Creating a fully integrated archive through both a certified client and a manual data movement workflow
BlackPearl Workflow

For environments where a purpose-built client is available, integrating BlackPearl is truly plug and play. Through BlackPearl’s certification program, certified clients are tested to ensure full operability and functionality when used with their parent application. At the same time, a manual work flow, such as with the BlackPearl® Eon Browser, can help integrate unmanaged assets into the same BlackPearl system.

Purpose Built File Movement Process

  • Archive capability built into existing software product (e.g. MAM)
  • Built for specific workflows
  • Automatic or manual archiving
  • Metadata tagging
  • Some are also work flow managers

A complete list of purpose built clients can be found here.

Manual File Movement Process

  • Users manually identify and manually archive/copy files to Spectra BlackPearl storage (into NAS Shares or Object Buckets)
  • Users have the ability to use versioning snapshots on NAS volumes
  • Users can create NAS volumes that have a disaster recovery copy of data stored in an Object Bucket using NFI policy: Copy and Keep


Automated and Semi-Automated Workflow
Offloading inactive Tier-1 data to free up valuable primary storage space
BP Workflow Automated SemiAuto for public cloud storage

Organizations are constantly facing the problem of running out of primary storage. What can be done? Buy more primary storage? Delete data? Neither of these options are appealing. Through BlackPearl’s semi-automated and fully-automated workflow solutions, organizations have the ability to free up valuable primary storage space by creating a seamless storage solution that can copy or archive data to BlackPearl based on pre-established policy.

Automated File Movement Process

  • File system scanner
  • Files automatically archived and/or copied based on file age etc.
  • Continuous archiving
  • Stub can be left behind for each file


Semi-Automated File Movement Process

  • File system scanner—manual or scheduled
  • Archive/copy files based on scan results
  • Single-event and/or scheduled archive operations


  • Tools built into primary storage system

When data is the lifeblood of your organization, it is important that the data is protected and available when its needed. This is especially important when a disaster occurs. From BlackPearl’s ability to replicate to another BlackPearl to its ability to leverage the public cloud storage environments, users know their data will be available whenever they need it.

Data Protection Workflow
Protecting your data through offsite storage
BP Workflow Disaster Recovery and Replication

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Replication has never been easier and more secure than with BlackPearl’s ability to replicate to other locations. From public cloud storage services to geographically dispersed locations, BlackPearl provides reliable disaster recovery strategies for every workflow.

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