Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System Easily Moves Data

Storing data is a challenge. Storing data affordably, while providing more protection than ever before in an increasingly data-sensitive climate, may be an organization’s single greatest challenge.

Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation by combining NAS and S3-based interfaces with multiple storage targets into a simple and affordable solution. Designed for numerous concurrent workflows, BlackPearl reduces the need for expensive third-party data movers by integrating Spectra S3 with a range of certified clients and simple file movers.

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Interfacing with BlackPearl
BlackPearl converged storage system offers users the ability to interact with their archive using standard CIFS / NFS protocols, creating a NAS archive that has the ability to leverage all of BlackPearl’s object storage targets. For a modern archive, organizations can use Spectra S3 to implement an object store archive perfectly designed to scale with every organization.

Simple approach to interface and managing tape
By leveraging the Spectra S3 interface, BlackPearl unlocks tape’s true calling. BlackPearl takes user defined buckets, caches the buckets on high speed disk or flash storage and determines the best time to write it to tape for greatest system performance. To ensure perpetuity and ease of access for your data, the BlackPearl system writes data on tape in the open LTFS format to ensure you will always have access to your data.

BlackPearl’s automatic tape compaction feature provides self-activated consolidation of data on fragmented tapes reclaiming deleted tape storage space. In addition, BlackPearl’s media migration capability allows data to be migrated from one storage type to another, quickly and transparently, which ensures data integrity while reducing costs. The feature automatically migrates data in the background, allowing users to continue to archive and restore data without interruption. It also makes it easy for users to upgrade to new technologies without disruptions.

Ensures data security, reliability and integrity
Spectra tape libraries provide a powerful set of tools that allow for data integrity verification and notifications of media, drive, library status and health. BlackPearl also offers extended data security through Spectra’s AES 256-encryption offerings.

To further ensure long-term integrity and availability, BlackPearl introduces a data resiliency feature that allows multiple versions of the same file to be uploaded and saved. For organizations dealing with multiple people accessing content on a regular basis, S3 Object Versioning ensures that customers do not lose data and protects their content from accidental deletion by continuing to retain as many versions of an object required. Furthermore, with its self-healing feature, BlackPearl can automatically self-heal all copies of a file across all media if a problem is detected. As long as a good copy exists, any detected bad copies, be it during a recall or a scheduled object verification, will be automatically recreated through self-healing. This removes the hassles of manually recreating a damaged or corrupted file.

BlackPearl is equipped with the ability to replicate to a second BlackPearl storage system, creating an Active/Active storage environment. With two active locations, organizations gain the ability to geographically separate each location creating a disaster recovery option vital to ensuring your data is protected and available when needed.

Benefits of Replication

  • Business Continuity
  • Content Distribution
    • Eliminates requirement of a high bandwidth network connection and distance limitations
  • Data Migration
  • Testing and Development

Advanced Bucket Management (ABM) Data Policies for BlackPearl
BlackPearl uses internal management policies for different storage devices, enabling the system to write data intelligently to different tape libraries, tape partitions, object storage disk, and public cloud. This allows BlackPearl to control where and how data is written. Users can now leverage the access times of each storage tier located behind BlackPearl. For data that is expected to be accessed often, it will be stored on BlackPearl’s object storage disk. For the lowest-cost tier, tape can be used. For organizations with a desire to go to the cloud, BlackPearl offers a public “cloud out” that allows buckets to be stored on-premise as well as in a public cloud. ABM will take action when a data recall request is needed, and ensure that BlackPearl will always pull data from onsite locations before accessing data stored in the cloud due to the high cost to recall data from a cloud storage environment.

BlackPearl also includes a data policy engine called Advanced Bucket Management (ABM). With ABM, the BlackPearl can make one or more copies of data on tape, disk, and cloud. For the disk storage targets, ABM can also control how long the data resides on disk. This provides a very flexible platform and storage management system, while protecting your organization’s data with a genetically diverse storage solution.

BlackPearl allows data policy modifications for customers to modify how many copies, or what media technology the data is persisted to. Often, another copy of data is added to the data policy, either as a local copy or as replication target in a secondary location. Not only does new data entering the BlackPearl follow the now modified data policy, but BlackPearl will read all of the existing data that was previously written and conform it to the modified policy in the background, without interrupting business operations. Organizations can stay nimble as workflows change.

Deep Storage Interface modernizes the use of tape
The first RESTful interface to tape, Spectra S3 provides BlackPearl and client interaction via REST, allowing you to move large data sets easily to and from deep storage tape. The user only moves data through the client while BlackPearl handles all interaction with storage targets including deep storage tape libraries. There are many Spectra S3 clients that have been built by Spectra, its partners and its customers. Customers can also build their own Spectra S3 integrations for custom workflows with the free Spectra Logic Developer Program. Learn how to get started building Spectra S3 applications.

BlackPearl RioBroker
BlackPearl RioBroker is a software front-end to BlackPearl that acts as a data mover to speed file transfers, streamline workflows and scale out in both performance and capacity to accommodate growing amounts of digital assets. As a software front-end to BlackPearl, BlackPearl RioBroker offloads the data transfer job from the application to the BlackPearl RioBroker system, bringing greater performance and consistency to the entire platform. BlackPearl RioBroker simplifies the integration process to popular asset management software applications. It also facilitates seamless content migration from legacy storage software to a modern solution.  Learn more about Spectra Rio Broker data mover here.  Learn how to integrate RioBroker here.

Eon Browser

Free and Open Source BlackPearl Client

The Eon Browser provides a graphical, FTP-like interface to manage files between BlackPearl and your local computer or a server.

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