Which Spectra BlackPearl
Solution is Right for You?

Spectra® BlackPearl® Solutions provide a simple and affordable way to manage diverse workflows and solve the problems associated with costly and complex traditional storage systems. BlackPearl also has the capability of eliminating the need for third-party data movers.

But, how do you know which BlackPearl will fit best in your environment? See the comparison below to help you decide.

Spectra BlackPearl Solution

Spectra BlackPearl Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • NAS-only storage solution
  • Affordable support model
  • Lower cost of entry
  • Perfect for file-based workflows
  • Utilizes NFI when used with separate BlackPearl Converged Storage System
    • Separates disaster recovery copy from NAS copy
    • Easy data movement into central repository
  • Field upgradable to BlackPearl Converged Storage System
    • Unlocks object storage capability
    • Enables exponential storage for long-term preservation
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Spectra BlackPearl
Converged Storage System

  • Object storage plus NAS
  • Tape-out capability
  • Multi-copy capability
  • Bi-directional replication
  • Active/active multi-site use
  • Disaster Recovery ready
  • Choose the right BlackPearl for your infrastructure
  • Built-in NAS
  • Allows for file-based workflow
  • Enables tape-out without extra network hop
  • All BlackPearl NAS functionality
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Spectra BlackPearl Solution NAS Workflow Diagram

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