BlackPearl Attack-Hardened Capabilities

Ransomware attacks are steadily on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Cases such as the Colonial Pipeline, Exagrid, and meat producing giant, JBS, are only a few examples of organizations that have been forced to pay millions of dollars to recover from a cyberattack. Spectra Logic was also the target of a ransomware attack and in the end overcame the attack with virtually no data loss and no stolen data.

BlackPearl is offering an approach to data protection that will counter the challenges mentioned above and give organizations greater leverage in avoiding the harrowing experience of negotiating with criminal elements of the underworld. We call it Attack-Hardened Storage.

What does it mean to say that a storage solution is, Attack Hardened?
The BlackPearl platform has multiple features that, when combined, deliver Attack-Hardened storage. Spectra Logic offers Attack-Hardened storage that mitigates the risk of data loss and accelerates ransomware response. The Attack-Hardened features of the BlackPearl platform includes virtual air gap protection through immutable snapshots, multi-factor authentication and integration with applications to trigger snapshots. To further enhance ransomware protection, BlackPearl offers multi-site replication.


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BlackPearl Attack-Hardened Features

Triggered Immutable Snapshots:
Snapshots, or point-in-time copies of a volume, let you restore a volume to the state it was in when the snapshot was created. BlackPearl interfaces with backup software via pre and postscripts. After the snapshot is complete, Spectra provides code to be used to make the target volume read only.
Multiple Types of Air Gap:
  • Virtual Air Gap – Replication inside BlackPearl unit
  • Remote Air Gap – Replication to a remote BlackPearl
  • Offline Air Gap – Tape copy of data
Multi-Factor Authentication:
BlackPearl works with Google Authenticator to confirm the identity of any user trying to log into the BlackPearl system.
Tape Storage for Offline Storage:
BlackPearl has full integration with Spectra automated tape libraries and can provide a fully protected, offline copy of your data to ensure no outsider threat can access that offline data.
Multi-Site Replication:
BlackPearl can replicate to another volume in the same BlackPearl system, a separate system located in the same onsite location, a different offsite location, or a remote cloud target.
BlackPearl can be configured with self-encrypting drives (SED). This is excellent protection of the data if a drive is being sent back for repair or being disposed of at end of life.

BlackPearl for Data Protection Use Case

The Goal:
Design a storage architecture that integrates with the existing backup and data protection workflow already established.

The Challenge:
Ensuring that all storage was compatible with the backup and data protection applications that were currently deployed. Additionally, the solution needs to be able to adapt to the changing requirements that the organization has. One future plan is to implement an archive and utilize other applications down the road.

The Solution:
The BlackPearl platform was deployed to be the landing zone for all backup data that was being archived by their Rubrik software. Paired with the ability to store backup data, the StorCycle storage lifecycle management software was also implemented to identify inactive data in preparation of their future archive plans.

The BlackPearl platform was deployed to be the landing zone for all backup data that was being backed up by their Rubrik software. BlackPearl provided a common NAS interface to easily integrate into their existing infrastructure and deliver economical storage that can grow and expand as their capacities grow. With BlackPearl installed this also provided a fast, recoverable, copy of data that could be instantly accessed in the event of a disaster or accidental deletion.

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