BlackPearl Platform

BlackPearl is a multi-purpose hybrid storage platform that easily and cost effectively scales up as object and file volumes grow; adapts as operational requirements change; and enables easy synchronization of data between on-prem and cloud storage.

A flexible solution that can grow

A solution that grows as data increases and is flexible as use cases evolve

  • Scale up architecture
  • Combines disk and flash for high performance
  • NFS, SMB, S3, Spectra DS3 or on-prem Glacier*
Able to store large volumes of data

Storage of large volumes of data across on-prem and/or cloud

  • Seamless support for on-prem Glacier storage
  • Failover of production data to the public cloud for disaster recovery
  • Bi-directional data synchronization for automatic replication of on-prem and cloud data
  • Apply cloud service and on-prem processing regardless of data location
Protecting your data from cyberattack

Smarter way to protect data from external cyberattacks and insider threats

  • Virtual air gap protection through immutable snapshots and multi-factor authentication
  • Physical air gap to automated tape
  • Ability to seamlessly replicate data offsite or to public cloud for Disaster Recovery
  • Optional failover of control module
  • Enterprise-grade self-encrypted SAS drives
  • Object locking**
Built-in cost savings now and in the future

A cost-effective storage solution initially and long-term

  • Scale-up NAS architecture allows for multiple petabytes of disk/tape at lowest cost
  • Very high density with spin-down disk capabilities for cost and power efficiency
  • Data compression prior to encryption for efficiency and security
  • Simplified access to tape to store petabytes of data cost effectively

BlackPearl Extensions

The BlackPearl Platform expands via hardware and software to include capacity, performance, and attack-hardened enhancements.

BlackPearl NASBlackPearl Attack Hardened StorageBlackPearl Native S3BlackPearl On-Prem GlacierBlackPearl Nearline Gateway

BlackPearl for Capacity NAS

BlackPearl NAS is the ideal solution for organizations from Enterprise IT to Media and Entertainment and everything in between. Designed around its cost-effective, scalable storage solution, the BlackPearl platform is made to handle a variety of workloads to be a backup target or data offload storage destination, among others. When the base NAS platform is expanded, it becomes the perfect springboard solution that is flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing list of storage requirements.

BlackPearl Attack Hardened Storage

The BlackPearl platform has multiple features that, when combined, deliver Attack-Hardened storage. This Attack-Hardened storage mitigates the risk of data loss and accelerates ransomware response. The Attack-Hardened features of the BlackPearl platform include virtual air gap protection through immutable snapshots, multi-factor authentication and integration with applications to trigger snapshots. To further enhance ransomware protection, BlackPearl offers multi-site replication.

BlackPearl Native S3

BlackPearl’s native S3 extension enables easy-to-implement hybrid cloud storage with local S3 protocol and even failover to the public cloud. BlackPearl’s native S3 extension provides storage that makes it easy for organizations to deploy an S3-based storage solution at a single site, or across multiple sites, including replication to the public cloud.

BlackPearl On-Prem Glacier

BlackPearl brings the cost-effectiveness of Amazon S3 Glacier, but with the advantages of on-prem deployment by providing organizations with an on-prem Glacier-like tier. This eliminates the costs to retrieve data from the cloud and decreases the retrieval time of data from hours to minutes.

BlackPearl Nearline Gateway

The first RESTful interface to tape, Spectra BlackPearl Nearline Gateway provides BlackPearl and client interaction via REST, allowing you to move large data sets easily to and from automated tape storage. The user only moves data through the client while BlackPearl handles all interaction with storage targets, including automated tape libraries. There are many BlackPearl Nearline Gateway clients that have been built by Spectra, its partners and its customers. Customers can also build their own Spectra DS3 integrations for custom workflows with the free Spectra Logic Developer Program.

Technical Features of BlackPearl Gen 2

*Amazon Glacier is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Watch this short animated video to learn about Spectra’s BlackPearl — a multi-purpose hybrid storage platform that easily and cost effectively scales up as object and file volumes grow; adapts as operational requirements change; and enables easy synchronization of data between on-prem and cloud storage.

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