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Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage Tape

Simply and affordably preserves your data forever. Tape libraries powered by BlackPearl, are a modern object based storage solution that solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation by better utilizing the modern digital tape storage technology. Designed for affordable, long-term storage, Spectra® BlackPearl® Object Storage Tape is a simple storage solution to preserve invaluable data for any retention period.

Why BlackPearl?

Storing data is a challenge. Storing data affordably, securely and with greater protection than ever before may be an organization’s single greatest hurdle. In this era of preserving data for long-term usage, see how BlackPearl Object Storage Tape is helping to pave the way.

Perpetual Tier

BlackPearl Object Storage Tape is one of the cornerstones for the Perpetual Tier of storage. Tape storage provides lasting protection for data archived within the Perpetual Tier. Through Spectra’s BlackPearl software features, managing data on tape libraries is now a simple choice.

Storage Solution

The BlackPearl object storage solution is a flexible data repository architected for today’s data centers. When combined with purpose-built clients and an end user data management portal, users are provided a complete end-to-end solution.

The Spectra T950 plus BlackPearl solution gives us the comfort we need to do our work without worrying about capacity issues for many years.Dr. Jerzy Bodurka, Associate Professor/CTO, Laureate Institute for Brain Research

Learn more about our Certified BlackPearl client solution partners here.

Workflow & Use Cases

Data can be placed into a BlackPearl data repository via several different paths or workflows, and through multiple concurrent applications. A manual workflow use case allows the end-user to identify the files to be moved themselves. Advanced scanning software applications can scan a file system and identify files to be moved based on user defined parameters (or policies). When a fully automated archiving software tool is used, an organization’s data can continuously be scanned and managed while seamlessly enabling users to access the files as they always have. Applications that are intended for other specific tasks, such as video asset management, can allow users to interact directly with the BlackPearl repository without leaving the application.

Sizing & TCO

With BlackPearl’s product family, organizations will find the perfect fit for their workflow.

  • BlackPearl V Series up to 350 MB/s sustained throughput
  • BlackPearl S Series up to 850 MB/s sustained throughput
  • BlackPearl P Series up to 3 GB/s sustained throughput
  • BlackPearl X Series up to 10 GB/s sustained throughput

BlackPearl Object Storage Tape provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for a modern object storage repository while providing the highest throughput via a single server system. With the ability to expand to any capacity, BlackPearl Object Storage Tape is the perfect addition to any workflow looking to reduce costs and keep pace with the growing amounts of data being generated in a modern workflow.

High Availability

Protecting data is the primary goal for a storage system. With BlackPearl, there are many ways to increase protection and a few ways to add High Availability to help overcome any temporary issues, outages, or maintenance. While Tape is the safest place to store data, having a second copy of data (or even more copies) amplifies the durability of the data even more. Storing that additional copy in another location, creates geographic separation with dual site capability. With BlackPearl replication, both sites can be actively used for reads and writes, and replication to the cloud can be used for read-only workflows like content distribution, transcoding, AI, or disaster recovery.


Watch the Video to learn more about Spectra’s BlackPearl Object Storage Platform

Watch this video to learn more about the entire family of Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage solutions. The BlackPearl Platform provides organizations with the most versatile and flexible architecture for secure data lifecycle management and data retention.


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