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Spectra Logic’s SpectraGuard® Support is committed to providing superior service to help your organization achieve the least amount of downtime and avoid costly disruptions to your operations. We proactively manage and minimize technical issues by providing the correct tools, expertise and resources needed to ensure rapid resolution.

With 40 years of experience, Spectra takes a personal and attentive approach to every support interaction, regardless of severity level or client size. This allows us to far surpass the typical support experience and truly exceed expectations. From the time an issue is opened to the time it is resolved, SpectraGuard is proud to be the technical resource you can rely on to keep your operations running smoothly, while earning your utmost satisfaction.

Support Options and Supportable Lifespan

Spectra built the BlackPearl and Verde NAS products with a software-based file system called ZFS, which moves the data drive parity calculation protection away from complex RAID Hardware Card to the software (SW). If there is an issue with SW, it is often fixed quickly which sometimes requires a patch update and typically requires a reboot. Spectra offers both 24-hour telephone and 9×5 telephone support for local business hours Monday through Friday. The 24-hour option works great to solve the SW-only issues.

Disk systems and hardware (HW) components have become more reliable over time, with failures happening less frequently, particularly outside of DOA failures (dead on arrival). Spectra offers several HW support offerings for disk, ranging from Basic which is a self-service support, to onsite support with either Next Business Day or four-hour Same Day. The Basic support option is a more affordable way to maintain a hardware system that has failures during its lifespan ranging from minimal to none.

When acquiring a new BlackPearl NAS system, there are two options for support contract length, either three years or five years. Spectra built the BlackPearl and Verde NAS products for a five year supportable lifespan. Spectra’s approach to lifespan is a bit different from other disk vendors; we do not use a yearly model number, which has a five-year EOL. Instead, each NAS system will have a five-year supportable life span based on the start date of the support contract.

The BlackPearl NAS system uses a scale-up architecture, making it simple to upgrade the system with expansion capacity. There is one master node system, and that single system has one support contract for all components. Please be aware that the upgrades will follow the same lifespan of the system; if additional capacity is required later in the life span for that system, it may be more economical to buy the additional capacity as a new system instead of upgrading an older disk system.

NAS Lifecycle Transition

When an older BlackPearl or Verde NAS reaches its supportable life span, often it is required to move the data to a supportable NAS system. When it comes time to move onto a new Spectra BlackPearl NAS system, there are a couple ways to move or migrate that data.

One method is using a file system data movement tool like FileZilla. This method may be preferred if the new BlackPearl NAS system has different settings, such as turning on the Case Insensitive setting on a CIFS/SMB volume.

Another method of copying data from an older BlackPearl or Verde NAS to a new BlackPearl NAS is with replication. NAS replication will copy entire volumes over to a new NAS system. After the replication is complete and the old system is decommissioned, the turn off read-only on the new BlackPearl NAS volumes and production can continue. The exact or best method for each system will depend on several factors.
Please consult your Spectra Professional Services engineer when the NAS transition planning begins.

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