ArcticBlue Overview

It took a tape company to release the true potential of disk. ArcticBlue leverages BlackPearl’s hybrid storage architecture and power-down disk drives, creating the first object storage based disk platform that delivers maximum longevity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness with the performance of online disk.

Drive Lifecycle Management, Spectra’s power down technology, extends the life of your disk archive while delivering fast access to deep storage. Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra’s unique implementation of ZFS software brings new life to long-term nearline disk storage.

ArcticBlue creates an on premise cloud with a Spectra S3 interface to make deep storage more accessible – all from a company that you want to do business with.


More than double the life at half the cost of today’s nearline storage – as low as 10¢/GB (US pricing). Learn More >


Extend the life of your disk archive while delivering fast access to deep storage…
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Genetic Diversity

Brings complete genetic diversity to your private cloud…
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BlackPearl Enabled

BlackPearl provides an Spectra S3 front end interface to deep storage disk and tape…
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Triple Parity

Statistically eliminates data loss through redundancy and automatic rebuilds when properly monitored and maintained

Very Wide Bands

Very Wide Bands maximizes system performance while providing maximum protection


Leveraging this technology to its fullest by using sequential data writes from physical high speed cache to increase performance, similar to writing to tape

Drive Lifecycle Management

Power down technology extends the life of drives

BlackPearl Enabled

Industry standard S3 object storage interface

    ArcticBlue Pricing Calculator

    This tool is for approximating the cost per GB in USD with various ArcticBlue configurations.
    Calculated capacity values may differ slightly from actual results.

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    Product Specifications

    Drive Capacity 8 TB 12 TB
    Minimum System Capacity (TB RAW) 192 288
    Maximum System Capacity (TB RAW) 6912 10368
    Minimum Node Capacity (TB RAW) 192 288
    Maximum Node Capacity (TB RAW) 768 1152
    Throughput 1 GB per Second
    Power Consumption 775W (R/W), 140W Idle per Node
    Drive Type 8TB Archive SMR Drive or 12TB Nearline Drive
    Height 4U; 7" (178mm) Per Node
    Width 17.5" (444mm) Per Node
    Depth 40" (1016mm) (including Cable Mgmt) Per Node


    Ultra Low-Cost, High-Density Storage
for Media and Entertainment

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