Teams and Roles

You will find no other company like Spectra. Upon walking in our front door, past the front desk and up the stairs you will see our CEO’s office (with door open to welcome employee input). Down the hall are our Accounting and Finance teams working together to align goals and expectations for the company. Throughout the day the Sales team can easily go downstairs to our Manufacturing area and see the products that are being tested and shipped out by the Shipping team. The Marketing team works alongside the Engineering team to plan and develop new cutting-edge products and features that will differentiate Spectra in our fast-paced industry. The Human Resources team and the Information Technology team work closely with the Facilities team to get associates what they need to do their job.

We are always looking for members to join our Engineering and Sales teams. And yes, we have a great summer intern program.

Discover what our community of Engineers work on and how they are empowered through their work on a daily basis.

Our sales force offers an entrepreneurial environment to encourage ownership of each territory and relationship with every single customer. See how we support this work ethic at Spectra.

We believe it is important for new minds and new perspectives, especially those of younger generations. Find out what opportunities and what qualifications are required to be a Spectra intern!