Meet our Employees

Brent, Engineer, Sustaining Mechanical-II


“I chose to work at Spectra after I interviewed with the direct people that I would be working alongside. At the time I had another offer from another company and the employees at Spectra appeared to be best fit for me. The company offered great perks that I now take full advantage of. Two days a week boot camp classes with one of the best personal trainers in the area and yoga with a personal trainer. Also using one of Spectra’s bicycles to bike across the street to Coot Lake and run on the off-street trails around Boulder reservoir. Views are fantastic, amazing, and great way to take your mind off work and unwind for a lunch break.”

“I find myself constantly learning new abilities to tackle challenging problems. You will not just be working on one infinite area of one particular project. There is also a machine shop and a 3D printer to get hands-on with the projects you are working on. We also utilize as many vendors as possible locally and around town, so solving manufacturing issues are predominantly easier because you can get face-to-face with nearby vendors and not countless emails.”

“I redesigned one product that saved the company $75,000 from the bottom line. Not only that, the benefits trickle down too. I increased overall product performance, 20 week lead-time to 3 weeks, less inventory to hold on to at one time, smaller packaging size, decreased scrap parts, faster to assembly, stronger and more robust design, better vendor relationship, backwards compatible, etc…Changes like this without a doubt shows that you are a valuable employee to Spectra and makes you feel ‘energized’ to do more. “

Matt, Director, Library Engineering


“Spectra offered me a great opportunity straight out of college. I was able to stay here in Boulder and work for an established company that has a really good reputation in the community.”

“I really enjoy all of the people that I work with. I have worked here long enough to establish some great friendships with a lot of different people that have similar interests.”

“I get to work on very challenging problems that always keep me and my team coming up with new ideas and learning new concepts. It is very rewarding to see your ideas turn into new products on the market and then hear from customers as to how well they meet all of their needs.”

“Spectra has always given me lots of opportunity as long as I worked hard to earn it. It has also been a company that treats its employees really well and cares about doing the right thing.”

“Working on the team that designed and released our T950 library was very rewarding for me. I was still relatively new at the company, but I was able to give lots of input and learn a lot from the process. Spectra let me own my piece of the product development process and then let me know that my contributions had helped us deliver our first enterprise robotic tape library.”

Tom, Engineer, Sustaining Software-I


“The reason that I picked to work at Spectra Logic was because of my experiences with the company during my internship. During this time, I became fond of the culture and the people that I was working with. I also enjoyed the wide scope of projects that I would be able to work on. I knew that I would never be bored because there was always a different project that I would get to work on. The culture that has been established at Spectra Logic is what I love about working here.”

“Everyone in the company, including the executive staff, is very approachable and willing to help with anything. I am in sustaining engineering which means that I support the manufacturing and testing of all products that Spectra Logic offers. This is the part of my work that I love because it means that I get to troubleshoot all product types, as well as interact with the people on the manufacturing line. While supporting manufacturing I have learned the products very quickly. Another aspect that I like about the company is the responsibility that I have been given as an entry level engineer.”

“When talking with friends from school, I have realized how much more responsibility that I have at Spectra compared to what they have in theirs. Most of the time I mention the unique culture that has been established at the company and the diverse projects that I get to work on. I also mention that manufacturing is done onsite. Whenever I get to go troubleshoot a product on the manufacturing line I feel I have made an impact on Spectra because I am helping to get the product out the door.”

Darren, Representative, Outside Sales


“I came to work for Spectra in 2004, and—at the time—I was new to the IT industry. I had some limited sales experience coming in and was excited about what I heard from the Business Development Manager who I interviewed with. Spectra seemed like a company on “the rise” and I could tell from visiting the campus that it would be a great place to start my career in IT. I also had a personal friend who had worked in Spectra’s Engineering Dept. and his description of the company’s work environment, culture and future was all I needed to hear to make my decision to work at Spectra an easy one.

“I love the people I work with, from my immediate sales team all the way to Executive Management. Because the average tenure at Spectra is so long, I have been able to work beside many of the same people over the last 10 years, getting to know them both personally and professionally. Everyone at Spectra has a true passion for what they are doing, and that makes working with this team a pleasure.”

“Because I have been able to work my way up through the sales organization at Spectra, I know just how much effort and time it takes to uncover a project and need with a potential customer, work with that prospect as their trusted technology advisor and implement a solution designed specifically for their needs. I love being able to see that process through with each and every customer and knowing that I helped solved a problem.”

“First I tell my friends and family ‘no, I don’t sell laptop computers,’ and then I tell them I work with a small, but growing, company that offers the most innovative storage solutions in the IT industry.”

Raymond, Representative, Enterprise Sales


“I have been in the tape industry for more than 10 years and personally, I believe the enterprise segment of the market has its potential. So when I was approached by Spectra to develop the South East Asia and China markets, it was the perfect choice.”

“Spectra is not a huge company, though I work from my home office in Singapore and have visited Boulder a couple of times, the colleagues whom I have worked with have been really warm, wonderful people, very helpful, too. I really appreciate the culture in this organization.”

“Spectra has not been very present in the markets in my part of the world and the challenge of growing these markets is exciting to me. I did this in several of my previous jobs and I certainly look forward to this challenge again for Spectra Logic.”

“To my family and friends, I still sell tape and storage devices but much bigger ones! And this time round for an American company. It is the first time I have worked for an American company and my children, especially my youngest son, are all excited about what it is like to visit America.”

Mike, VP of Organizational Development


“Spectra is the only ‘real’ job I’ve had since engineering school. Nate Thompson, our CEO and I met back then and have worked together ever since.”

“The company culture at Spectra really keeps us all here. We work hard and have goals just like any other company, but because we are not driven by outside investors or lenders we are able to focus on the longer term. This also allows us to be very customer focused which manifests itself in the form of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This in turn leads to opportunities for individual growth and success.”

“Over the years I’ve been able to be involved in almost every aspect of the company including manufacturing, quality, procurement, finance, sales, and engineering. This keeps me interested and learning all the time which makes for a lot of challenge and fun.”

Jennifer, Senior Engineer, Mechanical


“Spectra makes robots, and as a Mechanical Engineer that was very interesting. Also, the culture is extremely attractive, we work hard but take breaks to have fun and be a work family.

“I love that the owner of the company is a positive person that is concerned about the culture of his company as well as the bottom line.”

“I came from the automotive industry where you work on a small part of a car for years. At Spectra I have had the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to multiple complex systems. I find joy in coming up with new ideas to fill a need or fix a problem. I usually end up spending time informing many people about why tape is still alive and thriving.”

“I tell family and friends about our technology and that we are innovating constantly. If I am talking to someone that may be interested in working here I tell them that Spectra is interested in healthy, happy employees. In the interest of employing people that enjoy working and succeeding, Spectra provides fun perks and recognition to help us along the way.”

“I currently have 5 patents that Spectra filed. My favorite of course is the sock drawer design that turned into the Terapack. Spectra was the last company to successfully break into the ½” tape market, and we needed a new approach. We were very focused on putting more storage in less space as our differentiator. We were just finishing up on the Gator series of 8mm libraries and engineering would to refer to .1″ as a ‘Gator mile’. Nathan issues a challenge for all the engineers to submit their ideas for new strategies to lay out a library. There were some really wild ideas; I remember one engineer took the approach of moving entire walls of tapes on sliders. I had been thinking about the challenge while flipping through the junk mail catalogues before tossing them in the recycling. The idea of a sock drawer organizer stuck in my mind, why can’t we put the tapes in drawers like the socks in the magazine? I presented the idea and it really fired Nathan’s imagination.”

Mark, Architect, Software


“I was first introduce to Spectra Logic through collaboration with a company in Fort Collins I was working for, and then a 3 month contract for Spectra Logic. During that time I was exposed to a company culture that was very different than the one with which I had prior experience. Spectra Logic had a family feel to it, with all the employees working together for a common goal, and was very open with their employees. It was an environment where I wanted to continue to work. Then they asked me if I’d like to become full time after I finished my contract, I jumped at the opportunity.”

“My favorite thing about Spectra Logic is the people I get to work with on a daily basis.”

“I love been able to get into a room with other engineers that I respect, have loud passionate discussions on how our products should be developed, and come out on the other side still friends.”

“I tell my friends that I work on robotics control software. When their eyes go really wide, I then get to explain that, no, it doesn’t look like a person. People still think it sounds cool, though.”

“I’ve always felt that Spectra Logic allows their employees to make an impact, if they want to do so. I’ve been involved in many customer interactions that I think have made an impact on the company. “

Samuel, Senior Engineer, Electrical


“When Spectra contacted me, I had no knowledge of the company or even the industry, but after I did my homework I liked everything I learned. I think tape libraries are a wonderful product, which provides a great, cost effective solution to data storage problems, and significant energy savings when compared to alternatives. In addition to that, I was impressed with everyone I met through the hiring process: HR, managers and engineers. I thought it would be a great working environment.”

“Besides what I’ve mentioned already (the product, the people), I really like that most of the production is local, and I feel that Spectra is a company that respects and cares for its employees.”

“I get paid to have fun. It’s a bit of an embellishment, not everything I do is fun, but I basically get to “play” with robots all day, to make them run smoother, faster, and longer. My 20 years ago self would be happy with what I do now.”

“I usually have to start by telling family and friends that, “Yes, people kept using magnetic tapes after the 80s,” why tape is still relevant, then I get to move on to talking about robots, biking to work, and other perks we have.”

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