About Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic’s mission is to help protect and preserve the world’s data forever. To accomplish this, Spectra develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long-term storage and archive for data-intensive industries, government entities and research institutions, as well as for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth.

With an eye on the future, Spectra enables its customers to affordably manage, store, retrieve and archive decades of digital information by leveraging all forms of innovative deep storage technology including flash, nearline disk, archive disk, tape, offsite tape, and access to the public cloud.

We are looking for people who bring job-related technical expertise, fresh viewpoints and passion to our teams. If you’re looking for an environment that welcomes your enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination, then you may find a good fit at Spectra.

Our Unique Beginnings

Spectra then…
spectraThen Meet Nathan Thompson. During his second semester as a college freshman, majoring in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at University of Colorado, he wasn’t making enough money at his summer job to cover looming tuition and rent bills. With a limited amount of time and a desire to put his knowledge to work, he decided to use his last $500 and start a business buying and reselling used computer equipment.

Spectra today…

Fast forward to today. Nathan’s $500 investment is now a thriving, privately held company located in Boulder, Spectra Logic. Spectra employs more than 400 people worldwide and is a leading manufacturer of tape and disk-based data storage solutions for the archive and backup of mission critical data to organizations around the globe. Whether storing the footage from the latest episodes of the Discovery Channel’s original programming, capturing data sent back from the NASA Mars rover, or keeping the world safe by archiving video surveillance footage, Spectra Logic plays a vital role in the storage of data for a wide variety of organizations all over the world.

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