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At Spectra Logic, associates develop enterprise data storage systems that are integrated into our high profile customer environments such as the Discovery Channel and NASA. The possibilities within Spectra are endless, so you will not be limited to just one area of development. On day one, you will be working on a team addressing our most important features.

We are always interested in speaking with talented software developers. Please view our Current Openings to learn more.

Software Engineering
We offer interesting and challenging software development opportunities. Some of the areas of technical application range from:

  • Very sophisticated object oriented design in C++. This is our ‘motion’ code base we use to control our enterprise class tape libraries.
  • We use and encourage test driven development and modern design philosophies (pair programming, scrum, etc).
  • Linux kernel driver development.
  • Very low level embedded C development for communications protocols.
  • GUI Development – We are constantly striving to improve the customer experience through innovative GUI development.
  • Other Interesting Technologies – Our libraries contain many embedded technologies (SMIS, SCSI, Fibre channel, NTP, SNMP, XML, and Encryption).

Electrical/Hardware Engineering
We provide the same opportunities within our Electrical and Hardware engineering teams. No “one trick ponies” here—small teams with diverse responsibilities such as PCBA design, FW development, and FPGA design. You can expect to have hands on experience with:

  • Complex Electro-Mechanical systems that integrate all facets of engineering expertise.
  • Ownership of large pieces of the system where your ideas can be used to their fullest and you can showcase your talent.
  • Use of Mentor Graphics Design Capture and Expedition with team of in-house CAD designers for all PCB design.
  • FPGA programming skills utilized on many projects to implement different interfaces and reduce independent part count.
  • Ability to bring your designs to life by writing the low level firmware needed to get your PCBA up and running.
  • Ownership of a design from architecture to implementation.
  • Accelerated learning of many different technologies.

Continuing Education
Spectra encourages and provides funding for continuing education, whether you want to learn a new programming language or enhance your C++, venture further into Linux Kernel Development or electrical/hardware engineering design methodologies. Your career development is important to us and we want it to be important to you. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our projects and processes, and support our engineers in their ongoing professional growth.

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