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There are two main methods to integrate BlackPearl. You can build your own client or leverage a client built by Spectra Logic The Spectra Developer Program provides developers with SDKs, APIs ,sample clients, and more to create and develop BlackPearl Spectra S3 and RioBroker Applications and plug ins. Go to the Spectra Developer site to learn more.

SDK Integration Method

The SDK integration method, the older of our two methods, allows a client application to include the BlackPearl SDK code libraries into their application. This method is similar to how most applications integrate with Amazon® S3 cloud storage. These SDKs allow for direct communication to the API interface of BlackPearl. The SDK method is shown in the diagram below. Using the SDK integration method, the client application directly issues write and read commands to BlackPearl, and the files are actually transferred by and through the client application.

SDK Integration Method

BlackPearl RioBroker Integration Method

The recently introduced BlackPearl RioBroker is another method of BlackPearl integration. RioBroker is a “data mover”. The RioBroker software application is designed as a simple interface layer allowing a RESTful file transfer API that intelligently manages jobs in BlackPearl. The RioBroker method of integration is shown in the diagram below. Benefits include:

  • Data movement does not need to go through third party/partner software
  • Easier commands than the SDK method — simpler API, able to work with individual files
  • Provides a layer of abstraction over more complex BlackPearl interface – this allows for much easier development
  • Stable API — Changes to the BlackPearl API will not affect the RioBroker API

RioBroker Integration Method

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