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Over the past decade, the volume of surveillance video being recorded, indexed, and stored has increased significantly. There are multiple operational demands driving this increase, as well as the widespread demand for video surveillance. Spectra Logic’s archive storage solutions are designed to solve the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation and seamlessly integrates with industry leading VMS software. These solutions provide compliance and affordability to organizations with complete control of their data through a simple workflow that manages both short term and long-term retention.


Spectra BlackPearl NAS

Spectra® BlackPearl® NAS Solution is the optimal disk platform for archiving IP video. Flexible, simple and affordable, the Spectra BlackPearl delivers file storage for 10 cents per gigabyte and ranges in storage capacities from 48TB to 10.7PB. Deploying disk for an archive has never been easier.


Cruiselines: While at sea, video surveillance footage is captured to protect the company, passengers, staff and the vessel itself. Considering limited budgets, short transfer time from ship to shore and the need to integrate with specific VMS platforms (which retain video for 15 to 30 days), archiving footage can easily become an overwhelming feat. Spectra’s SeaVault solution has made the process easier than ever with limitless retention with ultimate portability and simple management.

Law Enforcement and City Government:
City governments and law enforcement are deploying and monitoring more and more IP video cameras for video surveillance in order to protect their populations. These days IP video is considered a digital forensic asset, whether video is being created by fixed cameras, body worn cameras or dash cameras. Requirements for retention terms, frame rates, etc. also contribute to the need for a storage solution that is easy to deploy and manage, while also fitting shrinking budgets.

Student safety is one of the primary goals of any educational institution. There are only so many security guards they can employ before their budgets start to feel the strain. Video surveillance is one step these institutions have taken to ensure their student feel safe on campus, and in many cases it is now a requirement. Often, they are not only required to deploy a video surveillance system, but also retain the IP video for a set amount of days, weeks, months and even years.

Video Surveillance Retail

Airports, trains, buses and seaports are just a few types of transportation that all require video surveillance in order to prevent criminal acts, hold criminals accountable and create a safer environment for passengers. When criminal activity does occur, it is important for law enforcement to be able to easily retrieve and process surveillance footage within the chain of custody. Spectra Logic solutions also add a media motility component…

Whether it’s at individual shops or at headquarters, retail organizations use IP video surveillance to protect from theft, improve customer and employee security and improve the customer experience by analyzing the organization and flow.


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