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In sports, vast amount of highly valuable content is created due to the increasing number of cameras sources, UHD media, greater frame rates, and multiple delivery options. Immediate and long-term protection of these assets as well as timely access to new and legacy content is critical to creating and delivering stories quickly to the fan base. Spectra’s innovative solutions provide intelligent tiering and lifecycle management of assets, delivering superior protection while placing content on the right storage medium(s) to enable fast access to content when needed. Single name space coupled with Intelligent policies hydrate content from slower archives to faster storage devices to provide fast access to both recent and legacy content. Spectra’s modern architecture offers integration of cloud storage and multi-sites to activate content sharing, collaborating and protecting, while accommodating hybrid workflows and true business continuity strategies.

Key offerings:

  • Intelligent tiering and lifecycle management of sports assets
  • Single name space for all copies of assets regardless of storage medium
  • Policy-based hydration of archived assets on fast storage for quick concurrent access
  • Integration of cloud and cloud-based workflows
  • Massively scalable object storage disk and nearline storage
  • Tape, cloud, remote site, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

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