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With the shift to higher resolutions (4K, 8K) and the expected rise in content production, it is imperative to have better utilization of production storage as well as automation of workflows for greater efficiency and productivity. Spectra’s innovative storage and data management solutions help to automate the scanning and monitoring of content. Integrated lifecycle policies help automate the tiering of content on scalable storage for cost control and constant protection. Modern architectures provide flexibility for any type of workflow (including cloud) or storage, including nearline, object storage disk, tape for on-premise copies, remote sites, as well as any choice of cloud. Spectra’s solutions provide consolidation of sites and hybrid workflows, as well as collaborative work among users around the world.

Key Offerings:

  • Scanning, reporting and intelligent tiering to lower costs and increase protection
  • Addition of metadata tags for better management and faster access
  • Integration of cloud and cloud based workflows
  • Massively scalable nearline storage and object storage disk, tape and cloud
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

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