Comprehensive and proven solutions to migrate your content from legacy archive systems to a modern platform with minimal disruptions.

Our modern era demands solutions from reliable sources, and expects open standards to perpetuate access to content well into the future. The luxury of having large budgets, double paying due to legacy licensing models, and managing complicated multi-vendor solutions are a distant memory. Organizations now expect storage solutions to eliminate complexities, ease costs, and limit management burdens, all while being flexible enough to transform into cloud or hybrid solutions to ensure access from anywhere, any time. These are the driving factors behind the unprecedented migrations from legacy systems to modern platforms for greater efficiencies and to match organizations’ vision and drive for the future.

Our comprehensive migration solutions offer:

  • Automated transfer of data from legacy systems to Spectra’s modern storage platforms
    Minimal disruption to production process during migration; maintaining access to data (both legacy and new)
  • Customizable solutions to fit individual customer needs
  • Migration to new generations of tape, object storage disk, cloud, remote sites, etc.
  • Elimination of proprietary file formats in archival repositories once and for all
  • Seamless future migrations that become simple and transparent background tasks

Migrating Content to a Modern Storage Platform

Learn how to migrate your legacy systems to a modern platform and eliminate proprietary middleware, cost and management burden once and for all.

Spectra Logic solutions provide the tools to automate the migration process from large-scale legacy archive systems to any of Spectra Logic’s modern digital storage platforms, whether on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid model.

Solutions Features:

  • Direct import of LTFS tapes – with no data migration
  • Automated, intelligent, transparent transfer of proprietary data
  • Size and performance scalability to meet customer timelines
  • Automated indexing of assets to support PFR
  • Customizable options to fit individual customer needs
  • DYI to full service choices
  • Simultaneous access to legacy, migrated, and new data

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