Media & Entertainment Customer Successes

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation

 ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation Logo ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation (pdf, 444 KB)
ABS-CBN selected a Spectra T950 for their news operation, for the product’s size and scalability, and Spectra Logic’s focus on broadcast.

Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA

 Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA Logo Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA (pdf, 246 KB)
Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA reclaims valuable data centre floor space and triples storage density with Spectra Logic

Discovery Communications

 Discovery Communications Logo Discovery Communications (pdf, 341 KB)
Discovery Networks Latin America Archives Thousands of Hours of Video and Meets its Mission to “Satisfy Curiosity” of more than 2 Billion Global Subscribers

Florida-Based Broadcaster

 Florida-Based Broadcaster Logo Florida-Based Broadcaster (pdf, 382 KB)
Florida-based Broadcaster Replaces Oracle with Affordable, Long-Term Archive from Spectra Logic

GSN, The Network for Games

GSN, The Network for Games Logo GSN, The Network for Games (pdf, 218 KB)
GSN chose a Spectra T120 as part of their MassStore system, a solution from Masstech Group

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries Logo Joyce Meyer Ministries (pdf, 178 KB)
Joyce Meyer Ministries Slashes Data Restore Time by 53% with Spectra Logic Archive

Mexico-Based Media & Entertainment Company

Mexico-Based Media & Entertainment Company Logo Mexico-Based Media & Entertainment Company (pdf, 348 KB)
Mexico-based Media & Entertainment Company preserves 1PB video archive and historical programs for its viewers

Southern Cross Broadcasting

Southern Cross Broadcasting Logo Southern Cross Broadcasting (pdf, 352 KB)
Southern Cross Broadcasting chose a Spectra 20K to consolidate content from 20 remote production facilities.

Spanish Language Network

Spanish Language Network Logo Spanish Language Network (pdf, 443 KB)
Spanish language network provides viewers with historical, live news and sports programs with Spectra Logic support

SportsNet New York

SportsNet New York Logo SportsNet New York (pdf, 442 KB)
SNY chose a Spectra T950 library for its extreme scalability in just one frame and modularity with Spectra’s Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM).

Twin Cities Public Television

Twin Cities Public Television Logo Twin Cities Public Television (pdf, 350 KB)
Twin Cities Public TV chose a Spectra T950 tape library with the BlueScale operating system because it provided an attractive price point, reliability and high performance.

WMHT Educational Telecom

WMHT Educational Telecom Logo WMHT Educational Telecom (pdf, 565 KB)
WMHT selected a Spectra T950 enterprise-class library to store thousands of hours of broadcast-quality Standard Definition and High Definition video.

World Renowned Broadcaster

World Renowned Broadcaster Logo World Renowned Broadcaster (pdf, 267 KB)
World renowned broadcaster and Spectra preserve vast HSM archive of award winning video and photography content for future generations