Exascale Data Storage Solution

Are you Prepared for Massive Data Growth?

Spectra Logic knows big storage. Our solutions for massive data sets are used in organizations around the world. These are brand names you’ve heard of and many of the names that create the products or conduct the research that shapes the very world in which we live.

These organizations create and use a massive amount of data every day – from terabytes to petabytes to exabytes – and it is growing exponential year over year. To achieve their goals, they must be able to access this data at a moment’s notice as well as protect it indefinitely in a predictable, cost-effective way.

While it is easy for Spectra to lay out the case for customers to consider Spectra Logic’s deep and wide portfolio of data storage solutions for massive amounts of data, we also believe in investing in better and more modern approaches to managing and storing that data, as well as partnering with those who deliver best-in-class ways to manage all that data. Here are some of our stories.

Spectra TFinity with HPSS

Check out the world’s largest tape library housed at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Migrating from Oracle to Spectra TFinity

Check out our story of supporting LANL with a complete migration from 5 Oracle libraries to 4 Spectra Logic libraries with no disruption to normal operations.

Spectra TFinity libraries with DMF

Check out this solution with NASA that details our 12+ year history.

Spectra T950 with Versity

Check out how the Max Planck Institute uses Versity Storage Manager with their Spectra T950 to archive their ever growing research data.

Consolidation of multiple libraries into 1 Spectra TFinity

Check out how Oak Ridge National Lab was able to upgrade their 6 aging libraries into a single TFinity.

Using Multiple Media Types in a Single Library

Check out what a TFinity installation looks like in this video from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. This is one of two Spectra TFinity libraries they have installed, this one has both IBM TS drives and LTO drives in a single library.

Complete Solution: Disk, Tape and Data Management Software

Check out this story of one of our T950 users that added BlackPearl CSS, BlackPearl OSD, and StorCycle software to build a complete storage solution.

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