Digital evidence for police departments and court systems – from sources such as, videos, computers, mobile phones, documents, and any internet-connected device – is growing exponentially. Storing the evidence requires a solution that is cost effective, secure, scalable and accommodates long-term preservation of all of that digital evidence.

Considerations for Preserving Digital Evidence:

  • Digital evidence must be archived in native format
  • Access to archived evidence must be restricted and only accessible to authorized investigators
  • Requires a solution that is simple to use, cost effective and scalable
  • Regulations and corporate policies mandate retention policies of digital evidence
  • Digital evidence can be stored in a separate location for disaster recovery

Solution Description:

Spectra provides a low-cost solution to store digital evidence. Evidence is archived for long-term retention in its native format, and active data is backed up on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis. Multiple copies of archive and backup data can be made to ensure data is available when needed.


End-to-end Solutions

  • Automates archive and backup to one or multiple storage tiers – local disk, digital tape, offsite cloud (or any combination)
  • Secures an encrypted copy to tape, which can be stored in a remote location and attack hardened against ransomware

Simple To Use By Existing Staff

  • Requires no additional IT staff or technical resources
  • Archives data in the native format
  • Provides a familiar drag-and-drop interface to all archive data
  • Restricts access to preserved evidence
  • Ensures data lasts for retention policies with built-in ‘Self Backup’ and ‘Self Migration’

Scalable And Cost Effective

  • Delivers growth path from 100TB to tens of petabytes of data
  • Allows you to avoid the recurring high costs of cloud storage
  • Stores other data outside of digital evidence

How Does It Work?

  • Backup and archive data with a simple drag and drop of file(s) into a preconfigured folder
  • Identify and archive data to the appropriate storage tier with Spectra StorCycle® software.
  • Retrieve archived data via search from the StorCycle interface, or with the option to replace the archived files with an HTML link.
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