Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage

The term “hybrid cloud” is often used to describe compute and storage performed on-premises as well as in the cloud. The term itself doesn’t state anything about how data is viewed, accessed or moved between on-prem and cloud, much less between multiple clouds. Hybrid refers to combining separate elements to make them into one, not separate elements simply standing side-by-side.

By Spectra’s definition, hybrid cloud should describe a single, virtualized environment of storage, which incorporates some combination of on-prem, cloud and/or multi-cloud storage; which is managed through a single interface; and can be optimized for balance between availability, time to access and cost of access. If these aspects are not taken into account, hybrid cloud could easily become hybrid silos, defeating the promise of cloud’s greater availability, elasticity and cost savings.

Multi-Purpose Hybrid Cloud

Many organizations benefit from a hybrid cloud storage model in which some data is stored in the cloud and some stored using on-premises disk or tape solutions. Spectra’s BlackPearl Platform is a multi-purpose, hybrid cloud storage solution which can be configured as an S3 target, enabling massive amounts of data to be stored in the cloud or on-premises.

BlackPearl opens the possibilities of object storage for on-premises storage as well as cloud storage, offering both on-premises object storage disk and tape. Bi-directional synchronization with the cloud means data is available where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. The multi-purpose nature of the BlackPearl platform allows it to be configured as traditional NAS, a gateway to object storage or even an On-Prem Glacier* environment compatible with applications that write to Glacier. Spectra’s BlackPearl provides a powerful, self-contained, policy-driven solution for all types of archive and tiered storage, both locally and in the cloud.

Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management for Hybrid Cloud Workflows

With the large number of cloud offerings available today, most organizations are finding that there’s no single cloud provider that best meets their needs in all situations. Likewise, on-premises data often needs to be integrated with off-premises cloud services. Hybrid cloud workflows can be complex – especially when working with multiple cloud vendors as well as on-premises data. If not properly architected, this approach can lead to cloud vender lock-in, siloed storage and exorbitant egress fees.

Vail Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management Software offers omni-directional synchronization of data across multi-cloud and multi-site data repositories through a single global namespace. Data accessibility is independent of data’s physical location – meaning vendor lock-in is eliminated and data egress is optimized for the lowest cost and fastest access to data, lowering cloud cost and maximizing efficiencies. Users can now leverage local storage and cloud services through seamless hybrid workflows.

Storage Lifecycle Management Ensures Data is Protected on Best Tier

With so many options for storage today – from flash, disk and tape to cloud storage – it’s important that inactive data reside on the appropriate tier of storage to meet the business needs, as well as budgets, of organizations. Active data can become “cold” data within weeks or even days of being created. As access requirements change, administrators struggle with moving data across tiers of storage. Storage lifecycle management is key to maintaining optimal performance as well as controlling cost. StorCycle is storage lifecycle management software that helps organizations understand their data. StorCycle identifies cold data and migrates it to the right tier of storage – be it NAS, object storage disk, cloud or tape – helping preserve data for long-term storage, ransomware preparedness, or just preserving it for its future value and use. And most importantly, it allows users easy access to that data when they need it.

*Amazon Glacier is a registered trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.


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