Spectra Logic has developed another industry-first concept that protects your initial investment in storage—TranScale. The TranScale architecture utilizes components that are interchangeable between our Tape Series libraries, allowing you to seamlessly transform and scale (TranScale) your library as your organization grows.

Preserve your investment with TranScale
Designed for incremental growth, libraries featuring TranScale accommodate storage requirements of organizations in every stage of their growth lifecycle. When your growth requires more throughput or capacity than your library can handle, there’s no need to buy a whole new library. TranScale allows you to continue to use your existing components in your new library. Your chassis is the only component you will need to replace when you TranScale; you even have the same serial number for the library that you’ve always had.


The TranScale Guarantee

Upgrading is easy and fast—you can switch out most models in less than half a day, guaranteed. TranScale eliminates the need for alignment, host/server reconfiguration, serial number changes, World-Wide Name changes, and switch rezoning.