LTO-7 Type M media is an industry first offering

LTO-7 Type M media is an industry first offering, which provides a 50 percent increase in capacity from 6TB to 9TB by converting LTO-7 media. Customers who normally wait for the latest generation of LTO tape to be cost effective before upgrading can now immediately realize cost savings by simply adding LTO-8 drives and Spectra Certified LTO-7 Type M media to a Spectra library.

Once a new uniquely labeled LTO-7 tape cartridge has been initialized in an LTO-8 tape drive, the new LTO-7 Type M media will have a capacity of 9TB, with a price point comparable to LTO-7 media.

What’s New with LTO-8?LTO-7 Drive Webinar

LTO-8 drives will work with LTO-8 media at 12TB capacity, LTO-7 Type M media at 9TB capacity and LTO-7 media at 6TB capacity.
LTO-8 doubles the capacity of LTO-7 and provides a 20 percent increase in performance. The extra performance translates into fewer tape drives to do the same amount of work, while the additional capacity equates to fewer tape cartridges used to store the same amount of data.

Spectra Logic’s entire tape library family – from the Spectra® T50e Tape Library for small businesses to the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library for large enterprises – is fully tested and compatible with LTO-8 drives and media.

LTO: The Industry Standard for Tape Technology

LTO tape technology is the only open standards, nonproprietary tape technology. Ideal for data-intensive industries such as media and entertainment, video surveillance, scientific research, healthcare, financial and government organizations, LTO tape technology continues to be the lowest cost per gigabyte data storage technology on the market.

Interchangeability of tape media and drives is guaranteed from all LTO manufacturers to allow freedom of choice for end users. With LTO technology you will experience the lowest cost, most energy efficient tape technology with ongoing advancements driven by high volume and competition.

LTO-8 Certified Tape Media class=Spectra Certified Media

All tape is not created equal. Only the highest quality media available on the market becomes Spectra Certified Media. While Spectra libraries do not require the use of Spectra Certified Media, the company recommends its use to ensure you have the most reliable and worry-free data protection possible. Spectra has the highest standards in the industry and only Spectra Certified Media guarantees the reliability needed for long-term data storage.
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