Low Power Consumption

Spectra’s tape libraries use significantly less power than competing disk and tape products. Additionally, our tape libraries include BlueScale Energy Audit™ software to monitor exactly how much power is being consumed.

BlueScale Energy Audit™
Historically, only server managers have been concerned about power, but power management problems are increasingly plaguing more areas of the data center. With storage requirements expanding at an exponential pace, storage is continually accounting for more and more of today’s data center power load. With energy costs rising, it is necessary to have cost-effective and energy-efficient storage. By using innovative engineering and design, Spectra’s tape libraries offer solutions that use less power and provide tools to actually see the money you’re saving.

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The power monitoring feature taps directly into the power supply to check out how much power is in use, and can report the data using any of several metrics:

  • kWh/Ft3 (Watts per cubic foot) – Power consumption per cubic foot of library.
  • kWh/Ft2 (Watts per square foot) – Power consumption per square foot of library.
  • kWh/TB (Watts per terabyte) – Power consumption per terabyte of media capacity in a library.

This value can also be presented in terms of each frame or expansion unit, and it can be expressed over chunks of time if you choose. For example, you may want to see watts per terabyte of data polled every 30 seconds.

The method previously used for calculating the power use of a library typically have to be performed manually using specifications (usually based on 100% or worst case load) and a calculator.

Spectra Logic decided that this approach wasn’t enough—so now, power monitoring is part of the BlueScale software through Energy Audit. Spectra tape libraries provide real-time monitoring of power use right through the same interface used to manage other aspects of the library. Real-time monitoring gives you a chance to check your actual power use and balance the energy load in your data center. Relative to the competition, the Spectra T950 uses up to 60% less power enabled by efficient power distribution system and unique TeraPack architecture.


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