Spectra is Open and an Essential Business

The entire Spectra Logic team wants you to know that we hope you and your family stay healthy and safe. To that end, Spectra is complying with all government mandates and protocols to ensure that we minimize the spread of COVID-19 while staying operational and open for business to support our customers and any critical infrastructures.

Consistent with the U.S. President’s guidelines: “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

Spectra Logic is open for business. We will continue processing orders. To our suppliers, please continue shipping our purchase orders as usual.

Developing and servicing data storage and data management solutions in all forms of data storage, including archive, backup, cold storage, private and public cloud, Spectra Logic supplies goods and services directly to businesses involved in critical infrastructure, computer services, communications, hospitals and viral infection research centers in the Healthcare industry, as well as to multiple federal, state and local Governmental Agencies.

Therefore, Spectra Logic is considered an Essential Business, is part of the supply chain associated with critical infrastructure, healthcare and governmental agencies, and is exempt from various current orders issued for residents and businesses. We have Self-Certified ourselves as an Essential Business in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the State of Colorado and are complying with “continue normal work schedules” notices received from critical infrastructure federal agencies and contractors.

Spectra Logic is continuing operations with reduced staff and with all due and appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of our workers engaged in our work. This includes Executive Order 2020-10, 15, identifying certain Social Distancing Requirements and Minimum Basic Operations, which must be followed to the greatest extent feasible.

If you have any questions regarding Spectra Logic’s exemption from Stay-At-Home, Shelter-In-Place or similar order, please contact:

Brett Huston
Vice President and General Counsel
Spectra Logic Corporation

Spectra Logic Coronavirus Policy

Spectra Logic Corporation COVID-19 policy is in effect and is designed to help protect our associates, customers and partners form the spread of the virus. As an essential company, Spectra Logic is committed to run its business effectively through this pandemic and service our customer’s data storage needs.

Corporate Policy

  • Travel to any foreign countries with State Department Level 3 or higher advisory is prohibited
  • Currently, the only employees who work onsite at a physical location should meet one or more of the following:
    • Those whose duties are essential and cannot be conducted at home;
    • Those who directly manage in-office essential persons; or
    • Those whose personal circumstances justify periodic or frequent on-site work (including but not limited to personal safety issues; mental health or personal circumstances; child care situations, etc.).
  • Any associate that is showing any symptoms of an illness MUST stay home until they have been symptom free for at least 72 hours (without the use of fever reducing medicine)
  • If associate is exposed to anyone with COVID-19 they must be in self-quarantine at home until tests for COVID-19 are complete for the employee and are negative. If the test comes back positive the employee must stay home until cleared by a doctor, likely a minimum of 14 days.
  • No guests, contractors, or vendors are currently permitted without Executive approval.
    • Guests are subject to the mask requirement.
    • Spectra Logic has a limited supply of disposable masks for guests.
  • Vendors must wear a mask, and may only enter as far as the entryway, or the specific location they need to visit (such as to repair a piece of equipment).
  • All meetings of more than two persons are to be virtual.
    • When only two people are meeting, face-to-face is acceptable as long as masks are worn, 6’/1.8 meter rule is observed and only meet in an open area.
    • When at least one person is virtual, everyone should be virtual (on their own device).
  • Any associate who has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 should self-quarantine.
    • The person must self-quarantine for at least 10 calendar days from the last contact with the person, or
    • The person must self-quarantine for at least 7 calendar days if a negative test result is received.
      • The test must have been taken at least 3 days following exposure.

Services Specific Policy

General requirements for onsite resources: 

  • Spectra Resources are prohibited from travel to any foreign countries with State Department Level 3 or higher advisory.
  • Any associate traveling to a customer site will be symptom free from illness for over 48 hours prior to the site visit.   We ask that those working with our team onsite conform to the same standard.  Where this is not possible we will postpone the engagement until a time that is safer for all involved.
  • Some locations and situations could see indefinite delays for onsite resources under some circumstances.

Specific Services Requirements:

  • Break Fix Services – We will continue to leverage our service providers as our first line of resolution of field issues. This is contingent to third-party service provider possible restrictions to visit sites in specific regions. These restrictions could be imposed by the local administration or by the end-users being serviced. Spectra Logic will consistently apply best-effort to make sure that, despite the circumstances, SLAs are met per customer service contract.
  • Fly and Fix Services – Whenever a field issue is not addressed within the SLA, Spectra Logic, at its own discretion, may engage Spectra Logic support/engineering resources at the customer site to address a critical service issue. These restrictions may cause extended downtime to Spectra customer systems and possible delays in resolution of field issues.
  • Spectra Phone Support – Spectra will offer full continuity of phone support operations even in the event of mandatory shut down of Spectra call center facilities. All employees at any Tier of Support is fully enabled to work remotely and 24×7 phone support operations will continue without interruptions.
  • Professional Services Operations – Spectra professional services will continue to provide onsite pre and post sales services for our customers and prospects within the constraints above.   When onsite work is not possible we will attempt to provide remote completion of the engagement to minimize delays.  This may require additional coordination of customer resources as a tradeoff with resource delays.  All resources will continue to be available via phone as necessary.

Spectra Logic will continue to strive to provide the highest quality of services to our customers during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

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