Executive Briefing Center



Spectra Logic’s Executive Briefing Center (EBC) is a state-of-the-art conference center that offers a comfortable, professional setting to meet and interact with the individuals developing Spectra’s products and solutions. Located at our worldwide headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, the EBC gives you centralized access to Spectra executives, product managers and department leaders across the corporation.

To make your visit productive and comfortable, the EBC offers rear screen projection, audio conferencing, video players, and wireless network connections. From multi-media presentations to private rooms for conducting business as you’re away from your office, the EBC is awaiting your arrival.

Technology Center
fishbowlA typical visit to Spectra Logic includes spending time in the Spectra Technology Center (STC). The STC is more than just a showcase for the latest Spectra technological developments—it includes both solution and technical demonstrations to illustrate Spectra products in use with various partner software and applications. Whether you want to learn how to conduct part replacement on a library or walk through archive applications integrated with disk and tape, the STC’s resources are available to give you hands-on exposure to our products at work.

Tours and Introductions
ebcPeopleVisit and tour Spectra’s departments at our worldwide headquarters. You will have an opportunity to see our engineering, manufacturing, and support departments in action—all under the same roof. Walk through the labs and meet the people who design and test the systems you use. Stroll through manufacturing to see where your products are assembled before they arrive in your data center. Your trip to Spectra will confirm your confidence in your investment and give you first-hand insight into a company that truly cares about our customers’ needs.