Spectra Product Videos

BlackPearl Can Do That

Watch the webinar to see the many ways that the BlackPearl® Platform has evolved to deliver multi-purpose hybrid storage: NAS, Native S3, Attack-Hardened™ Security, On-Prem Glacier* and Nearline Gateway. Read More

Spectra’s Transformation

Betsy Doughty, VP of Corporate Marketing for Spectra, shares how Spectra has transformed its solutions set to address customer challenges in a complex multi-cloud world. Read More

New Solution Overview

Spectra’s David Feller, VP of Product Management, details the new portfolio of integrated solutions from Spectra to address the challenges that IT professionals are facing in a multi-cloud world. He covers the benefits of Vail® software, the BlackPearl® Platform, and new attack-hardened features on all of Spectra’s products that make them more ransomware resilient. Read More

Los Alamos National Labs Customer Story

With an eye on delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability, Los Alamos National Laboratory required a replacement for their SL8500 Oracle tape libraries, whose support longevity was questionable and expensive to maintain. They looked to Spectra’s TFinity Tape Library to replace their legacy tape libraries because of its high reliability and its ability to store data with three tape media formats. Read More

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