A New Approach to Storage for Media and Entertainment: The Two-Tier Model

Media Assets

Part two of three – Production Storage File Systems

The volume of digital assets created each day by media and entertainment (M & E) organizations continues to grow exponentially over time and shows no sign of slowing down. A two-tier paradigm in content storage systems enables the project tier production storage to use high bandwidth file storage for editing and shared content access while leveraging the perpetual tier for all content that does not require active editing, use or consumption. We presented a high-level introduction to the new two-tier storage model in part one of this blog series here. The active editing and use of data requires high performance systems such as Alcestor, Pure Storage and Qumulo. Read More

A New Approach to Storage for Media and Entertainment: The Two-Tier Model

Media content storage

Part one of three – Introducing the Two-Tier Model in M & E

Content is the lifeblood of media and entertainment organizations. Content growth, ever increasing raw and edited file sizes and greater resolutions — 4K and 8K formats, virtual reality, augmented reality and high dynamic range — have placed tremendous pressure on storage systems. The modern media organization demands collaboration like never before, meaning timely multi-site access to assets is crucial to success. Furthermore, content workflows rely on efficient analysis and search capabilities, with organizations often requiring multiple workflows within a single infrastructure, exceeding the functionality of the traditional filesystem. Increasing scale, level of collaboration and diversity of workflows are driving the industry toward a new model for media storage. Read More