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Spectra Tape Library Line Grows with Stack, T950v

Publisher: TechTarget
Spectra Logic tape library choices now include the scalable Stack and a cheaper version of its previous T950 line. Tape can be a key storage element, as data sets continue to grow.

Spectra Logic Stacks Up Well in Tier-1 Storage Offloading

Publisher: Mesabi Group
Spectra Logic targets secondary storage in a number of ways and has done so successfully for nearly 40 years. It would be hard to dispute its claim to be the “setter of the standard” for Tier-1 storage offloading, especially with over 20,000 storage solutions installed worldwide…

Taking A Modern Approach To Data Storage

Not so long ago, we all had to schedule our entire day around a desired Olympic event that was only available via real-time broadcast…

Data Specialist Spectra Logic Reports Strong European Markets

Publisher: IT Europa
Spectra Logic, the storage and data specialist now closing out is 2017 numbers and planning for 2018 says that things have worked out quite well, particularly using distribution. Good results seem to have come in from Europe and the UK in particular, says Brian Grainger …

Four Video Storage Trends to Watch

Publisher: Security Today
Data storage is becoming a hot topic in the video surveillance industry and gaining more attention as retention periods continue to increase. Many city and state governments have begun extending their storage retention periods from days to months and today, even years. San Bernardino County, Calif., for example, has increased retention requirements to a staggering five years in response to terrorist acts that have impacted their community.

Modern Data Centers Battle Exponential Data Growth

Publisher: DataCenter Knowledge
Eric Polet, Product Manager, Emerging Technologies, for Spectra Logic writes on the business need and the cost involved to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of each storage device.

DRAM, it’s good to be in storage… for some

Publisher: The Register UK
We have news on Portworx and HPE, Pure Storage, SK Hynix, SpectraLogic, StorMagic, plus snippets on Gridgain, Snowflake and Virtual Instruments…

ITV taps SpectraLogic for long-term digital content archive

Publisher: Rapid TV News
In order to protect and preserve its diverse digital assets of differing media types to dispersed data centre locations on a long-term basis, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, ITV has deployed Spectra converged storage systems and tape libraries. ITV produces massive amounts of digital content that needs to be stored for many years. It needed a solution that was high-capacity, durable and scalable to support not only current needs and future growth.

ITV chooses Spectra Logic

Publisher: Advanced Television
Spectra Logic has announced that ITV, the UK’s largest commercial television network, has selected two Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage Systems and two Spectra T950 Tape Libraries to protect and preserve the organisation’s digital assets long-term.