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Spectra Logic Enhances Its Enterprise Tape Library Offerings

Today Spectra Logic announced several updates it was making to its enterprise tape libraries. Today’s updates and enhancements are designed to benefit customers that need to preserve massive amounts of data for long periods of time, such as governments, scientific research, HPC, and M&E. The updates and enhancements include… Read More

Solving the virtual reality storage challenge

Publisher: Information Age
Matt Starr, CTO of Spectra Logic, explains to Information Age the possibilities and challenges of virtual reality, in particular, the storage challenge, as the volume of data files created by VR platforms increases.

Out With The Old – In With The New: Tape Storage For M & E

Publisher: The Broadcast Bridge
With new trends, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, live streaming, social media, video games, films, broadcast television, live entertainment and video streaming services, the media and entertainment landscape is vastly changing. File sizes are getting larger and the demand for consuming content …

Virtual Reality Presents New Data Storage Challenges

Publisher: DataCenter Knowledge Starr is the Chief Technology Officer of Spectra Logic Corporation. We must solve one massive challenge with VR currently being overlooked: What to do with the endless, enormous data files being created by VR platforms.

David Feller: Spectra Logic Stands For Storage

Publisher: Digital Production BuZZ
Spectra Logic has been dedicated to storage for almost 40 years, focusing on the problem of short and long-term digital preservation. Tonight, David Feller, VP of Product Management and Solutions Engineering, explains key storage products for filmmakers interested in archiving their assets for the long-term.

Spectra BlackPearl Integrates with Avid MediaCentral, Delivering a Modern End-to-End Solution for Media and Entertainment 0

Spectra Logic today announced that its BlackPearl® Converged Storage System integrates seamlessly with Avid® MediaCentral®, the industry’s most open and efficient platform designed for media. The powerful joint solution enables users on the MediaCentral platform to manage, track and store their assets on a high-capacity system that eliminates complexities and simplifies workflows.

Magnetic Tape Keeps Rolling Along

Recently Spectra Logic introduced some new magnetic tape library products. Most applications using magnetic tape store these tapes in “libraries” where robotic handling equipment accesses tape cartridges and move them to drives to read or write data. With the exit of Oracle from the tape library business, Spectra Logic is one of the largest remaining companies with tape products…

Spectra Logic Signals US Channel Expansion

Publisher: Channelnomics
Storage vendor Spectra Logic has hinted at forthcoming investments in the channel, including signing its first U.S. distributor. While the firm can’t yet reveal the name of the distie, Brian Grainger, Spectra Logic CSO, says the move is part of his “doubling down” on the channel, which will also see an expansion …